Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Crepe Myrtle

When I lived in the north, we did not have crepe myrtle trees. These were a phenomenon in the south, our first exposure being in Georgia. The home we bought when we moved had a row of pink trees, and they were beautiful in the early summer. Some folks cut them back so they look like a rack on a stag deer, but here in Texas that is pretty rare. They don't believe in "crepe murder", as some folks mention.

In the process of our landscaping, we decided we wanted one in our yard, but I wanted a red one. Guess what is blooming, just a two year old tree?

Our neighbor's tree, right behind ours, will have fusia flowers, also very beautiful. The only ones I don't really like are the white ones. Do you have one of these in your yard?

Linda Kay

Monday, June 18, 2018

Technical challenge

I like to think I'm pretty good with technology, although I'm not sure what all the stuff on my IPhone is about. A few months ago I loaned my granddaughter some funds to help her with rent. So I received a text message that she had sent me $$$ through Zelle and Chase Bank. The money didn't immediately appear in my bank account, so I started to investigate. I checked my mobile bank account (she had evidently sent the $$$ based on my phone number) and couldn't find anything amiss. Nor could I find anything on the Chase App. I went online to the Chase account, looking at the Zelle link, and it told me there was nothing I had to do. 

So thinking it was a weekend transfer thing, I waited until today (Monday) to do some more checking, as the $$$ still weren't there. Frustrated, I called Chase Mobile help. I was told to go to the "Pay and Transfer", access the settings, put in my phone number and it would all work. Nope, it didn't work. The system was supposed to send me a confirmation number, but it didn't. There was a message "This connection appears to be out of service, please come back later."

So I called back to Chase and got another individual, related my problem with the system and asked for help. Before I could set up the phone number, she discovered, I had to go into the personal settings, Mobile app, and check the box allowing Chase to contact me with a phone number and/or email. I had to type in my number, wait for a verification number to be sent to my IPhone, and then save. 

With that completed, I could go back to the Pay and Transfer settings with Zelle, type in my phone number, wait for them to send me a confirmation number to type in, then save the changes. 

Within seconds the money was dropped into my checking account. The whole process took me an hour. Unbelievable. 

So if you get a text message that someone has sent you some money, and it doesn't immediately show up in your account, be sure to check on all the bells and whistles on your bank account to see that you have allowed access to both your phone and email. 

And so proud of my granddaughter for repaying the loan!

Linda Kay

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happy Father's Day

If you are in Fredericksburg on the 17th, be sure to stop by Holy Ghost Lutheran Church for a carryout brisket dinner. Also happening in around town is the Peach Jamboree in Stone Ridge, just down the road. Trade Days is also open from the 15th through the 17th. The Fredericksburg Theater is putting on "The Music Man", and there are also many music venues around town. Flag Day is celebrated at the Nimitz

My daddy, Delmar Diekhoff, just a few years before his death in 2001, he was 85.

Such a handsome young man for his high school graduation. This is the same year he met my mother, when she was just 15. They dated for six years and were married for 62!

Happy Father's Day, Daddy.

Linda Kay

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mision de Candelilla

The youth group at our church work with Mision de Candelilla twice a year. Once is right after school is out, and the second is a Christmas time to take gifts to the individuals. Last week, they worked in the sweltering heat to do some painting at the facility in La Union. It's a great experience for these young people to be in service, and a big thank you to our youth leader, Pastor Clint. 

 Not sure what they are doing with this, but note the mixture of local residents and the teens.

Pastor Clint with some local resident children. He and the youth always lead the kids in song, while he plays the guitar. So proud of all of them.

Take a look at the website. The base is here in Fredericksburg.

Linda Kay

Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday Reflections

I really had to turn the TV off...... if I hear one more speculation by an "expert" as to what will happen at the summit, I may lose it. My mind that is. Now I do recognize this is a significant event in our history, and it will hopefully continue to be significant in the outcome of the meeting. The news coverage has been going on since last week, with virtually nothing to report except the planes landing in Singapore. Much more peaceful writing and reading comments with my blogger friends.

The local newspaper had a very large and informative article this week in regard to the loop around Fredericksburg to divert the truck traffic around the city. Now the committee is asking for input from any and all residents as to what they think would be a good idea for this loop route. The discussion for this has been going on for decades with no resolution. This is mostly because they would have to cut through some local ranch property, and the owners are not anxious to allow this to happen. But maybe the committee will get some brilliant idea. They say that a major truck goes down our main street either from Hwy 87 or Hwy 290 going east or west, north or south every 45 to 50 seconds. Then there is also Hwy 16. (Sigh) Our main street is very wide, so the trucks can make the turns if necessary. 

My daughter hosted my great granddaughter for the weekend. Here is a picture she posted on Facebook.
Mimi's helper at the grocery store!

Grandson Carson graduated from elementary school on Thursday last, finishing fifth grade. Would you believe they played Pomp and Circumstance for the procession. Just a little much for eighth. Boerne had six 5th grade classes, so the ceremony took a while. At least there were no speeches.

And what do you think about Valedictorian and Salutatorian presentations at the high school level? The fear of making a non-achiever feel bad is beyond reason in my opinion. My grandson says if his baseball team comes in second, they are "first losers". ;-)

Linda Kay

Friday, June 8, 2018

Saturday Night Outing

My hubby is a member of NPSOT (Native Plant Society of Texas, Fredericksburg Chapter). On Saturday night in 95+ degree weather a picnic was planned at one of the many historical schools in Gillespie County. Here's the website for the Friends of Gillespie County Schools. I fixed a macaroni salad. Hubby was in charge of taking pictures. We ventured out into the rural area of Cave Creek and found our way to the refurbished school house.

The pavilion and stage, which had also been renovated, was reasonably cool. We gathered our food inside the air conditioned school and ate in the pavilion, enjoying smoked chicken and sausage with the awesome variety of dishes provided by the members.

When we left the gathering, we continued down some country roads. I had to get a picture of the most amazing long horn cattle, standing near the road.

The bottom picture is a bull, and I've never seen the horns curl back up like this. Amazing!

Driving on a little further, we passed the little church in the country our church partners with, providing a minister on Sundays. St.Paul Lutheran also has a cemetery with many generations of Gillespie County ancestors.

This evening drive reminded me of how huge Texas is, and how many unique stories can be told of all the people who settled here. It was quite an evening.

Have a great weekend

Linda Kay

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

First Friday Art Walk

Remember our First Friday Art Walks in Fredericksburg. You might even remember some of the pictures I've posted from this event. One of our favorite stops is the R.S. Hanna Gallery on Main Street. The gallery has a great variety of artists with various genres, and many times on a First Friday, we get so watch an artist creating a work. With a small plate of goodies and an adult beverage in hand, we watched Maryneil Dance working with pastels. You can view some of her beautiful work with animals and please enjoy these as well:

At Insight Gallery, we viewed the following painting and the bird carving.

We stopped at Western Edge Cellars for a bite to eat (even though we had plenty at the galleries), and to listen to some music.

The monthly art walk promotes the artists who display at so many of these in Fredericksburg, but is also an opportunity for socializing. We ran into many we don't see in our regular outings, so it's always fun to catch up. 

Linda Kay
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