Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fort Davis, Texas

Fort Davis  is part of the National Parks in Texas. Some friends and us took the long five-hour drive west in January. 

From Wikipedia:  The Gatling gun is one of the best-known early rapid-fire spring loaded, hand cranked weapons and a forerunner of the modern machine gun.
 Soldiers' barracks as it might have appeared.
Supplies were delivered in wagons.
Rock formations in the mountains surrounding Fort Davis were fascinating.

Later the same day, we visited the McDonald Observatory in the mountains near Fort Davis. I've never been a science buff, but I did find the presentations fascinating, and the equipment is very interesting as well.
One of the domes, from atop the mountain.
 The telescope is inside the dome, and the dome turns on giant rails.
 Another station, another more modern telescope.
You may find it amusing, but I was always under the impression that the shape of the moon was determined by the sun shine, throwing a shadow of the earth onto the moon. One of our demonstrations indicated that it is only the position of the moon and the angle in relation to the sun, and the earth has nothing to do with the shape we see. Duh!

From Fort Davis, a tiny town near the actual fort, we ventured on to Big Bend. I'll share more of that in my next post this week.

From the Seniorific News -
A fellow was trying to show off in an Italian restaurant. He looks at the menu and says "I'll have the pa-ge-on-e." The waiter says, "I'm sorry. That says page one."

Have a blessed week!

Linda Kay

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Reflections for a Thursday

It's Wednesday, hump day, as I write this. First I have to share with you my little Easter bunny, Adelyn, just five months old.

Amazing things happen to those cacti in the spring, before they face the hot weather in Texas. Here are a couple of the beautiful blooms on these thorny plants.


I was reading the "Seniorific News" this morning, a publication for here in Fredericksburg. One of the articles relates to volunteering. Here are a few comments:

1. Do something you have always wanted to do, find a resource, and just do it!
2. Look for opportunities that meet your skills and interests.
3. Check into doing a short-term intensive volunteering experience, here or abroad.
4. Stay active and strong - volunteer; you can change your community and yourself.
5. Focus on self-development, maybe public speaking.
6. Check out the website Get Involved
7. Volunteer on the computer, using our technical skills.
8. Volunteer in a school as a mentor or coach.
9. Check out opportunities in your church.
10. Join in with friends and family, meet someone new.

They also had some ads for a laugh:
1. Free yorkshire terrior, 8 years old, hateful little yip, bites!
2. Free puppies: 1/2 cocker spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbor dog.
3. Free puppies: Mother is AKC registered German shepherd, father is Super Dog, able to leap tall fences in a single bound.
4. Cows, calves, Never Bred; also one gay bull.
5. Wedding dress, worn once by mistake, Call Stephanie.

I've missed y'all and am going to get back into posting, at least a couple of times a week.

Have a fabulous day, my friends!

Linda Kay

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Blessed Easter

All my blog friends.....

I've been missing in action for months! All is well in Fredericksburg TX, and I've missed checking in with all of you. I plan to get more into the action on my blog this spring and summer. We will be doing some traveling, first to my high school class reunion in June. All our plantings are doing well, with a few exceptions for those victims of frost. I'll post some pictures in the coming weeks of my hubby's master gardening achievements at the new place. God Bless, and have a beautiful Easter Day!
 Linda Kay

Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Week

It's actually here....Christmas Week! I've mentioned that we are preparing for a community Christmas Dinner at our church, so that is what I'll be about all week.... grocery shopping, decorating and cooking. I'll post some pictures next week of our guests, etc.

Can I brag a bit on my younger daughter (Angel)'s fiance? Brian is just a fabulous guy, a big man with an even bigger heart. He works as a technician for a local heating and cooling business, and during the year he identifies needs for the clients he serves as he services their air conditioners and heating systems. For two years in a row, he has earned a cruise with the company for he and Angel because of his sales. Gotta love this guy!
Granddaughter Lexi bundled up our little Adelyn to go out in the snow in Chicago. The child has two aunties who find the cutest clothes for her. 

Blessings to all for this Christmas weekend approaching. Hug all those family members. I have several friends and acquaintances who have lost loved ones and will not have them for the holidays. 

Linda Kay

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Thoughts and observations

Good morning, indeed! It's almost 60 degrees here in Texas on this Tuesday morning. We've been blessed with some wonderful rain showers and a bit of chilly weather. 

Have you ever reached your point of maxed out with responsibilities? Some of you may know that I am retired from years of accounting as a CPA. When I was asked to help prepare some tax returns for lower income folks here in the community, I signed up back in early October. This morning I attended a meeting of the preparers, and as the leader started describing the amount of study and testing involved to be completed before January 10th, I just put up my hands and said "I can't do it." We are working on a Christmas dinner for those who will spend the holidays alone that requires a lot of planning, and then a lot of time in the kitchen. Our granddaughters are all coming Christmas night to the area, so we will spend the 26th with family, along with several days after. Then we go on a short vacation from Jan 2 - 6th. Whew, I just had no time left. So I volunteered to help fill out the preforms for folks when they come in for help.

I'll be you have been waiting for an update picture on my beautiful little great-granddaughter, who will be here on the 25th.

Hubby harvested a deer on Thanksgiving weekend, so we have a new supply of meat in the freezer.

We are just cool, those of you who share with me in the 40's! Have a blessed week, my friends. 

Linda Kay

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Writing for Contests

I've started writing some shorter entries for a variety of writing contests, and I've been published in an anthology for Creative Writing Institute:

Creative Writing Institute is pleased to present its fourth annual anthology – EXPLAIN!

EXPLAIN! is a compilation of 30 short stories written in different genres using the same theme sentence, "Explain how that happened."

Authors include contest winners, finalists and judge's picks, bestselling authors, previous contest winners, the judges, and Creative Writing Institute staff.

Proceeds from sales of the ebook and print book will benefit Creative Writing Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit charity that sponsors cancer patients in writing courses. The school also provides a variety of writing courses for all levels from beginner to advanced.

In the pages of this, you will find my article "Antics". 

Here's the link to the book on Amazon, available in Kindle and print. 

Have a special week, everyone!

Linda Kay

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Update for Missing Linda Kay

Greetings, my friends. I have been missing in action, and probably will still be somewhat unpredictable. My first problem is that I don't have my glasses prescription yet, following the cataract surgery. It was such a glamorous spectacle (pardon the pun), as you can see.
Today I get my prescription. My left eye was done many years ago, and I still have to have correction for astigmatism. So I've been trying to function, read, write, etc., with one corrected lens for my left, lazy eye, and no lens in the right eye until I can get my prescription and order my glasses. It's been a bit challenging and so much happening!

The really fantastic news is the arrival of my new great did that happen???? A GREAT grandchild. Adelyn Beth lives in Lisle, IL, where her daddy is a dental school student.

This is just one day old. She weighed 8.93#s, and was only 20.5 inches long, so she has such really cute chubby cheeks. 

Daughter Angel is the grandmother, or Mimi as she prefers to be called. Adelyn's mother is Angel's oldest daughter of three, just turned 23 in July.

And here she is at just two weeks in her jeans and North Face vest. 

We get to see her at Christmas for a week, when she makes her first airplane flight to Texas.

Have a wonderful week and a joyous Thanksgiving. I have much to be grateful for, how about you?

Linda Kay
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