Sunday, July 22, 2018

Lobster dining

Our first order of lobster eating was at Boothbay, where we first enjoyed the botanical gardens. 

View from our table at Kagel's in Boothbay.

Lobster Roll

Lobster grilled cheese

Friends from Texas joined us for a few days, leaving to visit friends in Rhode Island (by ferry) and in New York. Have I mentioned how awful the traffic is on the East Coast? And the toll roads?

Linda Kay

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Morning in the fog

Fog enveloped our first morning in Camden ME. We walked the mile to the Harbor from our VRBO rental to capture the boats in the foggy morning.

As is usually the case, the sun came out about 8:30 AM and burned off the fog. The weather here is in the upper 70s in the afternoon. We are feeling bad for our friends suffering in the heat in Texas, where it's 100 in most of the state. So glad we are not in that heat.

Have a special day!

Linda Kay 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Vacation on the Road

When this posts, I will hopefully have arrived at our vacation spot in Camden Maine. First I wanted to share with you some pics from our First Friday Art Walk last Friday. For those who don't know about this event, the first Friday of each month the art shops in Fredericksburg host  goodies and wine as folks wander through to check out the beautiful pieces, painted or sculpted. It's a big social event once a month for the locals.

Typical Texas Sculpture, but so detailed!

Would you like this in your living room?

My Aunt Florence used to raise these colorful chickens

Still love the still life paintings

So serene.

Polly the weary traveler!

I'll be checking in as we enjoy the lighthouses and lobster!

Linda Kay

Friday, July 13, 2018

Story Time Part 3

I am continuing my story of "Our Space". If you have not read the previous two entries, see my posts from July 9th and 11th.

Our Space (cont'd)
by Linda Kay

We pass through a doorway into the familiar space. I hear the blip, blip of the machine connected to my husband. He is still alive. I have my own monitors now and must lie still in my bed. I can see him and watch for that flicker of movement.

Hours pass as I drift into sleep, waking to a panic all too familiar now. Our space is wider. I try to be aware of the air around me. My mind searches for Bible passages offering strength and faith. The walls take on a warm glow of color and light shines in through the windows. It is a new day. Autumn leaves flutter past the window, as a nurse appears to check on my incision and listen to my heart. She checks my husband's IV and his monitors, and leaves the room. Food arrives. I have to be strong. I have to watch. And I pray for him.

In the afternoon, two nurses help me sit up on the edge of the bed. I can see him better now. They help me stand up, and I can touch him. I feel his warmth. I sit in a chair by his bedside here in our space. The air is warm now, no longer chilled, and I have hope.

Another night passes. Medication brings deep sleep, and I awake very much aware of a lapse in my watch for him. I sit up in bed and dangle my feet toward the floor. I slide off, walk to his side, and hold his hand I talk to him about the last few days. Will he respond to the sound of my voice? The machines continue their incessant noise, but I am resolved to their usefulness. I kiss his cheek and tell him of my love for him. There is warmth in the room. Is the furnace on? Light shines in the window and our space bathes in the light of a new day. His eyes flutter. He grasps my hand. A sense of relief fills my heart, and I sigh deeply. No one may enter this space between a husband and his wife. It is reserved for only the two of us.

Hope you enjoyed the story. I'll be posting next week of our latest traveling adventure.

Linda Kay

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Story Time Part 2

Today, I continue my story of "Our Space". If you have missed it, please see the previous post on July 9th.

The Space (cont'd)

The space shrinks to the two of us, the walls closing in. Pain suddenly courses through my arm and into my chest. The air is heavy and I cannot breathe, short gasps among the pain. I try to stand. My legs are weak and I fall to the floor. I try to call out, but no sound escapes my mouth. Blackness surrounds me as my space becomes smaller and smaller.

Voices disturb the oblivion of darkness. I sense the lifting, the movement, tand the dancing of lights around me. Am I alive, or are the angels carrying me? I try to listen, the voices calling my name. My heart? An operation? I think for a moment of the bright lights described by those who have experienced heaven and returned. A mysterious calm overcomes me and I sleep, preparing for what is to come.

From the darkness of deep sleep, more voices call my name. Angels? My eyes are heavy and sleep encloses me. I struggle to open them and realize I am alive. I am confused. My mouth is dry. A nurse brings a sip of water. To my stammered, probing questions, he tells me about the fall and about my surgery. A stent in my veins? I will make a complete recovery. Then I panic. What about my husband, lying in the bed in that awful room, that awful space? No one is with him. They try to assure me he is recovering. I have to see him. The nurse promises to take me to him as soon as they release me from the recovery room. 

I wait. Again, I am not watching him. What tragedy might befall him, if I do not watch? It is my responsibility to be there for him. The nurse returns and releases the locks on the wheels of my bed. I watch the lights in the ceiling as I am wheeled down long hallways, into an elevator, and then into another hallway. We pass through a doorway into the familiar space. I hear the blip, blip of the machine connected to my husband. He is still alive.

The story will continue on Friday, July 13th. Stay tuned!

Linda Kay

Monday, July 9, 2018

Story Time

Dear readers, over the next several blog posts, I'm going to share a story with you. So here goes. Monday, July 9th.

Our Space
by Linda Kay

The blip, blip of the machine monitors the beating of his heart. Long tubes pump air into his lungs, while another feeds some liquid nourishment into his veins. I set here watching, waiting for some flicker of life in an eyelid or a finger. We are together in this space of life and death. I an feel it moving toward us. Maybe the chill in the air is the Angel of Death. Is it here for him? Or maybe for me? How could I keep on living if his death comes first? I speak aloud, "Take me, take me!" to some unknown listener. I pace the floor as tears well in my eyes and leave wet streams on my cheeks. The walls seem to be closing in, making our space even smaller. I stop to watch his face. Did I see some movement? The monitors stay in the annoying, yet comforting rhythm and cantor.

Only yesterday, he worked outside in the heat of the day, raking the fall leaves, trimming plants, and carrying off the debris from the gardens. I watched him then, as I do now, marveling at the many years we have spent together. I was not watching when he fell against the heavy rock near the driveway. How long did he lie there unable to move? If only I had not turned away. A neighbor frantically knocked on my door to tell me to call for an ambulance. The rest of the day until this moment is a blur of activity and panic. There were EMTs, tests, doctors, nurses, friends and family. I freeze in our space now, watching. Others have left and I am here alone.

A nurse enters our room and checks on the IV tube, giving me a smile and a caring touch on my arm as she walks past me and through the door. Her brief entrance disturbs our space of agony, leaving behind a swirl of chill in the air, and I shiver. I sit beside him and touch his hand, still warm with life. The space shrinks to the two of us, the walls closing in. 

The story continues on Wednesday, July 11th. 

Linda Kay

Friday, July 6, 2018

Busy July Beginning

July is off to a fabulous beginning in my town. As I write this we actually have a little cooler weather following some much needed rain.... not a lot, but at least it has cooled down a little from the 100 degrees.

Last Sunday (1st) we had our annual Cowboy Service at Holy Ghost Lutheran led by Mike Blakely on guitar. This is always one of our best-attended services.

Had lunch after church with my daughter's family, which includes my grandson Carson. He is growing up way too fast!

On the 3rd, our church hosted the African Children's Choir....what a fun time that was. We all felt exhausted after watching them!
In front of the church. 

Choir director

I tried to post a video, but just didn't turn out. 

Then there is the parade, always a great event in Fredericksburg. Come along with me to celebrate the fourth!

Fun times for sure. Hope your holiday and the first few days of July have been special for you. Keep cool!

Linda Kay
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