Tuesday, February 19, 2019

New Book Published

My newest book is now published on Amazon! Please take a few minutes to look through the description. This is a novella, but the research and the heart that went into the writing are special to me. 

I, Mary

As I mentioned, we have sold our home and are on the move. I'll be checking back in a couple of weeks!

God bless
Linda Kay

Monday, February 18, 2019

On the Move!

For those who read my blog..... we have sold our house and are buying another, so I will be buried in boxes for a while. I'll be back in touch!

Linda Kay

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Friday Night Art Walk

Time to share with you some finds from the Friday Night Art Walk!  It was a pretty warm night in Fredericksburg, so nice to see so many out and about visiting all the galleries. We have some favorites, but also ventured to a new one we seldom see. My friend Barbara Loyd was the featured artist at the Urban Herbal, where the owner also raises plants and makes various skin care items from them. By the way, his place is for sale, in case you are interested.

The rest are from Insight Galary, one of our favorites!

I'm fascinated by the last two of the children, as I can't imagine how they capture the faces.

See you next week!

Linda Kay

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Crochet for charity

I can't remember if I've ever shared with you my ongoing project of providing layette sets for Lutheran World Relief. A group of ladies from our church make the quilts that are sent overseas each year, usually totaling around 500 or so. My small contribution is to make a jacket, cap and blanket and buying the other essentials to complete the kit. I had a lot of leftover yard in various colors, so set out to complete the latest set.

I like to think of the mother who receives this for her new little one.

Here's the list of items for each Baby Care Kit. The hardest things to find are the pajamas without feet and the t-shirts that aren't onesies.

And don't forget your Valentine!  Happy Valentine's Day...Have a great day!

Linda Kay

Monday, February 11, 2019

An Interesting Day

Went to the dentist. Did I mention that I am absolutely paranoid about dentists? When I was little, we lived in a small town with very tall two-story buildings on main street. The dentist was on the second floor, and the stairs up to his office were wooden and echoed with your footsteps. Plus you could smell the smells of the dentist office! But luckily my teeth cleaning event was very positive.... no cavities.

Later we made a trip out to Alamo Springs Cafe, where we were surprised to see what looked like snow on the ground. It was actually left overs from a hail storm the night before.  Alamo Springs is a unique community of scattered houses, some not even visible from the road. It is also home to the Bat Cave, where the Mexican bats fly out to hunt mosquitoes in the evenings come spring.

Specials on the Board

Some unusual clientele

Some of the very bests burgers around, for sure. How about this one...Think you could eat it? They have a whole wall displayed of folks who rose to the challenge!

Linda Kay

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Fun family

Our little Adelyn was two in November. Her Mimi (my daughter Angel), face times her almost every day. This is how she greeted her last week. You can see Mimi in the small photo on the upper right.

Daughter Heidi had an opportunity to go to a 20s Gala last week, so got herself all fixed up as a flapper, attaching fringe to her dress, wore tights and Mary Jane shoes, and added a headband with a rose. Pretty cute.

Turned out pretty cute. 

Have a great weekend!

Linda Kay

Wednesday, February 6, 2019


You have no doubt heard of the ROMEOs (Just old men eating out). Well, we ladies have a name for ourselves, the Juliets (Just us ladies into eating together). We meet up once a month at some restaurant and enjoy some fellowship and "usually" good food. This month we went to Bonzai Restaurant in Kerrville. The entertainment is as fun as the food. 

When you arrive, you are seated around a big table on three sides. 

Decisions, decisions...steak and shrimp was the day special, or you could have steak and scallops, shrimp and scallops, just scallops, chicken, etc. We had nine at each of two tables.

This was our chef. You can see he has some vegetables and rice on the hot grill.

He stacked up some onion rings, poured in some lighter fluid, and set it on fire like a volcano.

This was my plate. Steak and shrimp fried rice, and the vegetables, all cooked to perfection. Needless to say, it was way too much to eat. You will notice I had some green tea as well. If you get a chance to go to a Japanese steak house, don't pass up the opportunity.

Linda Kay
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