Saturday, May 31, 2014

My First Post!

Good morning!  It's a beautiful day in Texas.  This is my new adventure in Internet technology, so I'm so glad you are here to join me.  As a senior citizen, I'm enjoying so many fabulous experiences in redirecting my life from the working grind to the freedom that comes with retirement.  It would be so much fun to hear about what you are doing, so please join in and share comments.  When I first retired, writing for enjoyment instead of work documents brought me a lot of pleasure, but I never followed through on publishing except for my mother's memoirs.  With the advancements in e-books, self-publishing has become a real possibility to share the people in your head with others.

I'm working hard on my e-books tutorials and document style information.  I'm struggling with it just a bit, as there is quite a bit of technical information on designing the Word document to convert to a reader format for e-books.   I've published an in-depth Q&A interview at Smashwords, and invite you as my blog readers to comment on the  blog and suggest additional questions you would like to see answered in the interview.


My husband, Jerry, and I live in an over 55 community, so there is quite a bit of moving in and out going on.  A neighbor just sold her house in 2 days to move to Washington State to be near her son.  We look forward to meeting out new neighbors, but will miss Gwen.

Our adventure today is to go to the town where my daughter's family lives, so Jerry can measure for a tree house we are all going to work on building.  Jerry being an engineer, has to have all the measurements and details exactly right before we start.  Home Depot has a store there, so we are going to work at pricing all the materials for the project.  What fun!  There is also a cute little shopping district in town, so we might get a bit of window shopping done.  A new antique store opened not long ago, and we thought we'd make that a stop as well.  I don't really look for any specific antiques, but love to browse.  Do you have any special items you are looking for? 
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