Saturday, June 21, 2014

All this on Weekdays!

After dropping our neighbor off at the Austin airport, we stopped by the Nutty Brown CafĂ© for a bite to eat.  What fun!  It just so happened that they were also having a concert there in true Texas open-air style, so it was just a bit noisy.   Lots of cute young girls in short shorts and cowboy boots.  The food was fabulous and pretty reasonably priced.  The menu includes such wonderful items as Chicken Fried Steak and Chicken Fried Chicken.  Two sides of mashed potatoes and some awesome green beans, and lots of gravy for that Texas Chicken Fried Steak completed our meal.  Obviously not where you go to watch your calories, but there's plenty to share a meal.

The local Historical Society and the Pioneer Museum sponsored Hats Off to our Treasures as part of their Lenz Fest celebration.  Since I was invited by my neighbor and her daughter, I had to decide on a hat.  So you will see at the left the three on hand from which to make my choice.  But first I had to decide what to wear, as the hat had to go with the outfit.  This is not my usual attire here in Texas, but I did have some choices, so I went for the long skirt.
 And the white hat.  The picture is of my neighbor Ruth (86), her daughter Sandra, and Sandra's friend Julie.  The table decorations were huge peonies and fresh peaches (typical Fredericksburg fare), and the fashions were quite lovely.  They were from all the many shops in the Fredericksburg area.  Not everyone wore a hat, but it was lots of fun.  The luncheon was a creamed chicken, green beans, and salad, along with a wonderful white cake with raspberry and icing. 
To top off the weekdays, Jerry and I made a quick trip out to Fredericksburg Trade Days.  The link includes an aerial photo of the grounds, but I'm including some pics of what we saw today:
 It's fun to walk through this place, but I wear down within a couple of hours with the slow walking pace.  There are vendors with plenty of products to help with keeping you hydrated, as nothing is air - 

conditioned.  The place was packed with tourists and locals, looking for some great find, old or new.
Below you will find some tips on how to prepare for your next flea market shopping trip.  Use your imagination, and have fun!

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