Saturday, June 28, 2014

Flowers after the Rain

Remember my referring to the rain we have been having as our "monsoon season"?  I thought I'd share with you the beautiful flowers in my back yard since we have had the rain and the warm (not scorching) sunshine.  The caladiums and the coleus are practically dancing in the pots, they are so happy, happy, happy! 

The Black-eyed Susans have popped open, and you can see the gardenia bush (not blooming) and the hostas behind them. 

The Verbena is still a lovely shade of purple and looks fabulous against the backdrop of the hostas.  We are also in the process of redoing our rocks and stones around the flower beds, so we can keep the grass out.  The grass just grows through the rock and up through the stones and into the mulch.  We spend lots of time pulling out the grass (Bermuda).  The grass is very lush and green right now and feels so good on your bare toes!

Next up is the Mexican petunia.  There are actually two kinds of Mexican petunias, some little short plants (we have white) and some very tall (ours are purple).  They also reproduce and spread.  We dug some up this year and moved them to another part of the yard, and those are also doing well.  These blooms will fall off overnight, and the new blooms will be there in the morning.

Note that the hostas are already shooting up their blooms!  These are all white, and are just starting.  I think they look a little weird against the hostas, kind of like they don't really belong there.

This red bloom (behind the red roses and the cactus) is our new crepe myrtle.  We planted this last year, and it is growing very well.  It has also just started to bloom.  The vines on the fence are a combination of clematis (now in it's second bloom) and the pink coral vine.  What a joy to see so much color! 

I snapped these pictures while my banana bread was baking.  I'll share the recipe tomorrow.
How does your garden grow?

Enjoy the day!


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