Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Good Morning, Friends!  I'm a bit reflective today, thinking about my experiences with volunteering in my retirement.  Last night  Heritage Hill Country where I live won a silver award for participation in Relay for Life.  We actually had several block captains who went door to door to sell luminaries in remembrance or honor of someone with cancer.  Some of the other teams had special fund-raisers and events to add to their collections, so we have some ideas for the coming year.  This is a once a year commitment as opposed to my weekly commitment to Hill Country Needs Council.  Then there is my church Holy Ghost Lutheran, where there are numerous opportunities to give back to the community and the world.  If you take the time to volunteer in any number of possible venues, the reward to yourself is much more than any contribution you make to the organization of your choice.  So check out what's available in your community, block out a space on your calendar, and get on the list of volunteers.  These hours of volunteering will put balance in your life.

Enough of that preaching.  I wanted to share a couple of pictures with you today.  The first is of my younger daughter, Angel and her girls (Lexi, Macy and Kenze), taken at Macy's graduation in May. The second picture is of my Grandson Carson (in the middle) when his T-Ball team won their championship.  Then there is my little pup Polly, who is now just a year old and is a complete terror.
And finally, the Beast!  Jerry is entering his car in the Car Show at the Markt Platz (town center) this weekend. 

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