Friday, June 6, 2014

Taking Care of You

Just want to start this post with a moment to recognize all those who may still be survivors of D-Day, or those who are related to someone who was a participant in that time in history. 

Yesterday I had my semi-annual visit with my doctor, actually a new doctor at the clinic, to simply get my meds scripts renewed.  As we were getting ready to set the next appointment for my "annual checkup", Dr. Johnson mentioned that I would have to go out 13 months and a day for the appointment, per the new Medicare regulations.  So I looked it up: Medicare Wellness Exam.  It doesn't appear to indicate that it has to be more than a year, so I may send this to my doctor for an explanation.  However, we did go over some other items during that visit that are worth mentioning to you.  I did find this link to go to for information on what is covered: What's covered, and you can actually type in the service to link it to specific areas.  Those of you not on Medicare as yet, use your insurance company website to see what you might be entitled to for preventive care under the new health laws.

From my own experience, you don't want to be getting Shingles, so check on getting the shot.  It may not be completely fool-proof, but certainly lessens the effect.  How about a Breast Exam?  This website is kind of a fun approach: Check.....  How about a Colonoscopy? This site is great information, and even though the preparation ahead is less than enlightening, it is well worth your effort: C Test info - at 50!  You might also want to check into Pneumonia vaccine - over 50.  Pfizer gives you some great info on the vaccine and possible side effects.  Save each of these websites in you "favorites", print off the info, and share with your doctor for his/her recommendations.

My friends, please all take care of yourself, as the best cure is the prevention.  Exercise 30 minutes a day and eat properly!  I would love to hear about your experiences in prevention and early detection, so feel free to comment.  You can also submit your email address to get a notice when a new article is posted.

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