Thursday, June 19, 2014

Things That Make Us Smile

 Today let's share all sorts of things that make us smile.  This little puppy to the left is my dog Polly.  Polly is now a year old, and this is the face I see at 6:30 every morning when I let the dogs out in the back yard.  Even though I might grumble to be getting up that early when an extra hour of sleep would feel so good, that face makes me smile.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to paint my very black wrought iron chairs and table a bright turquoise blue (paint from Wal-Mart) to add some color to my yard.  These sit in the corner of my gazebo with the caladiums and coleus.  This left the major table and chairs in the patio set still black and gray.  Couldn't have that!  So I checked at Lowe's and only found some chair pads in colors that had no design equality with my new tea table set.  So my friend Virginia and I were on to the Home Town Crafts in Kerrville to see what we could find in material to make my own chair covers.  Many hours later, with the fabric and the foam rubber for the cushions, my project is complete. And it makes me smile! (Maybe not so much in the process!)

Do - it - yourself projects can bring you lots of pleasure, not because you saved any money, but because you found a way to bring joy into your life!

Check out this website for Laughter is the Best Medicine to find out more of the benefits of laughing and smiling.  And be sure to share with all of us what makes you smile.

And finally from Pinterest, Pictures that make you smile.  Have a really special day! :-)
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