Thursday, June 12, 2014

Time Savings

Ever feel like this poor thing???  Yesterday I felt like I had been pulled in many directions: The Blog setup was making me crazy, my puppy was giving me fits, I had a headache, and I needed to get some food cooking!  Many people would tell you that I'm a very organized person, so multi-tasking is probably my middle name.  So let me tell you how the rest of my day went.

My plan was to slow cook some ribs.  With the oven on 275 degrees, place the ribs in a small roaster and cover with BBQ sauce.  Then all you need to do is to turn them about every hour, adding BBQ sauce as needed, and cook for three hours or so until falling off the bone.  But then, if the oven is already on, and you have room, why not cook a whole chicken at the same time?  Just add some seasoning to the chicken and cook it in the same oven for however long it takes to cook it through.  When it's done, I just cut the chicken off the bone, slice some up for salads or a main dish and chunk up the rest for chicken salad.  Baked chicken makes great chicken salad!  Just add some mayo, a bit of milk, some sweet pickle relish and a bit of Splenda.  Yum.

Now not all plans go this well.  For example, in the morning I had dropped a glass from the cupboard onto the granite counter, smashing it to smithereens.  After cleaning that up, I got out my bread maker.  The recipe book indicated that jam could be made in the bread maker.  Just add the peaches, sugar and pectin!  Well, the machine splattered the sticky peach juice all over the inside of the bread maker in the process and didn't yield nearly the amount described.  I had to carefully wipe around the inside coils to clean it up.  So much for my time saver that cost me as much time as I had saved on the ribs and chicken effort.

Just so you know, as you watch this video, I did take a walk with my dog!

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