Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Car Show, Texas History

Success!  Another car show (in Kerrville), where Jerry won a first place trophy.  I don't know if I have told you the history of the car.  Jerry 's grandfather bought him the car when he was sixteen.  We have hauled that car around with us in it's very rusted condition for a long time, then we finally bit the bullet and had it restored.  The restorer did a great job, so Jerry now gets to drive it around and enter it in some car shows.  

The weather is getting way too hot to sit with it for now, so we probably won't enter the car again until later this fall.  There is a local car club we are looking into.  We are thinking about joining the Fredericksburg Vintage Car Club , as they have a lot of fun going on tours and meeting together.  

Some of my friends and I were in charge of the ladies' coffee today at our Heritage Hill Country Club House.  I was in charge of sandwiches, so Jerry helped me cut out cute little sandwich parts.  We had cucumber on white (clover shaped), chicken salad on wheat (heart shaped), and salmon salad on rye (round).  Others on the committee brought an interesting mix of goodies.  I took this picture after everyone went through the line...the watermelon basket was full of fruit, and before it was over, there were only two sandwiches left...the salmon salad.

Our speaker for the day was my neighbor Carolyn.  Carolyn's family used to own a ranch on which our subdivision was built, so she has lots of memories of the Fredericksburg area.  Carolyn is 84, and she says she certainly would not want to go back to those old days.  She prefers our more modern conveniences.  The work was hard, but they had lots of fun times.
She brought along some pictures of the ranch and her ancestors that were priceless.

Going to be a hot one in Texas today.... how about where you live?

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