Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fences for a Thursday

We took a little drive in the country in pursuit of interesting fences in Texas, following the Run-a-Round Ranch Report challenge for Thursday.  We didn't really have an objective in particular, just looking for something interesting to "focus" on.  Jerry took his Nikon, and I had my IPhone 5, so we were armed for the adventure.

We turned on a back road off of 290 and got our first shot of not only the fence, but the windmill and the building behind it that were intriguing.  The fence is of course the old rail fence, the roof on the building is rusted metal.  

Looking on down the road is a good picture of the rail fence and the cactus that usually grow along the roads here in Texas.  The business behind this fence appears to be in collecting and distributing large square poles.  I might mention that these cactus grow in the worst possible conditions, and they can appear dead.  But given a little sip of water, they flourish.

Back to 290, and out on Sisterdale Road, just on past Luckenbach, we found this interesting camp ground.  I love the gate into the place and the sign hanging on the gate.  Also note the "Bikers welcome" sign, a common sign in this part of the country.

Let me tell you about these very tall fences.  This is also a common sight in Texas.  Some ranches put them up to keep the deer inside if there are deer leases on the property.  Many hunters pay an annual lease price to be able to hunt wild deer, hogs and turkey, so the land owners try to keep the animals inside the fence.  And those deer can really jump to clear a normal fence structure.  

In the case of Becker Vineyards, it is more likely that they are trying to keep any varmints out of those beautiful vineyards.  This has been a phenomenal year for the grape growers here in Texas, and Becker is one of our finest.  That's their sympol on the gate.  If you are in South Central Texas sometime, come to see our wineries and vineyards on the 290 Wine Trail....there are lots of them.

Have a wonderful day, and don't get fenced in!  ;-)

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