Sunday, July 20, 2014

Forgiveness by Lucado

You'll Get Through This: Hope and Help in Turbulent Times

My Sunday School class is working through this book by Max Lucado. 

Many times we could just about fall asleep, or do drift off when we are listening to a discussion that doesn't really effect us, but other times we become engaged and inspired during the discussion.  Today our class focused on Chapter 10, "Now About Those Family Scandals and Scoundrels". The story is in the Bible, Genesis 41 and 42.   Max's writes in this chapter about Joseph as the Prime Minister of Egypt, gold around his neck and such, when his brothers came to try to obtain food in the time of Joseph's predicted famine in the area.  These are the same brothers who traded him off for a few coins to be then sold into slavery in Egypt.   They did not recognize him, but he knew them right away.  The drama that ensues is very interesting.  We had quite a discussion on the effects of forgiveness, and not only forgiveness but the "forgetting" that goes along with that.  

Most families (or other relationships) have some dysfunction that may or may not be addressed, leaving hurt feelings, resentment, and a tendency to avoid any discussion.  

So I just wanted to share this information with you today, so that we could think on how forgiveness in our relationships might change things for us as well.  Today I am sending you a big hug and hopes that you might find peace in addressing any unresolved issues in your life.  

Have a restful, peaceful Sunday.

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