Monday, July 7, 2014

Girls Day Out

Some of my friends and I love to find these little towns with quaint shops and good eats!  So we headed out to Wimberly, Texas, about an hour and 15 minutes drive from us.  We had our cash, checkbooks, and credit cards, a full tank of gas, and no other obligations for the day.  The trip to Wimberly takes a sort of winding drive through the Hill Country, some of it along the Blanco River near (guess what?) Blanco.  Just through Blanco, we turned on a country road that actually included Wimberly on the green sign, but it also included a "Road Under Construction" sign.  That's never good, and they weren't kidding.  We had one lane traffic in spots and road graders kicking up lots of dust as we drove through.  After we cleared this construction, we turned to head directly into Wimberly, following along with the IPhone map lady.  

We parked and headed directly into our first store.  The interesting thing about many of these shops is that they seem to go on forever as you wonder through.  The store seems small from the front, but walking inside it opens up to an amazing collection of things to look at.  One store is Rancho Deluxe.  Lots of interesting items, ranging from jewelry to furniture. 

 Another one is Shop the Tree House.  Oh,my, so much to look at  choose from.  Miss Sandra tried on a wedding cap that looked like a ball cap with lace and tulle.  Pretty cute, actually, and we thought maybe my granddaughter could use it for her bridal shower.

One of our favorite stores was the Fair Trade Store.  When you shop in this store, you kind of feel that you are helping out with third world countries.  I couldn't find the exact store website for Wimberly, but the link will tell you more about the stores and other locations.

The Blue Willow Store was really delightful, and if you click on this link you will get a good idea of what the square in Wimberly looks like as it scrolls through the pictures of the area.  

Lunch was at INO'z Brew and Chew, where we enjoyed sandwiches and salads and a special margarita for a Wednesday at $4.00!  

After lunch we made it to the amazing shoe store called In Style Accessories, where there are more shoes than you can possibly peruse, along with purses and other items.  Shoes are a bit pricey and the owner tends to follow around and push a little to get you into a shoe.  Probably trying to be helpful, but a bit annoying when you want to just try the shoes on and decide.   Lots to choose from.

Finally, we made our way back home, arriving around 4:30....just in time to fix some supper after a long day.  Especially since it made it into the 90's.

What can you share about your girl's day out?

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