Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hill Country Road Trip

 How fun to take a drive through the Texas Hill Country.  At low places you will see the sign warning you of flash floods.  Remember our "monsoons"?  When those several inch rains happen, these creeks that look dry can suddenly become rushing waters, and the warning signs will let you know how much water is in the creek before you attempt to drive through. 

Our destination is the Alamo Springs Café.  Their Facebook page tells it all! 

After driving for about an hour, taking detours because of a bridge repair on Old San Antonio Road, we arrive:

Not your most appealing restaurant entrance!  Inside there are 6-pack beer cartons loaded with all the condiments and napkins one might need for his/her meal if eating outside.

At each table inside the café is a small galvanized container with menus, condiments and napkins.  A sign by the door café tells you to "get a drink from the back and have a seat".  After getting our Coke and Iced Tea, we had a seat at the table.  Note that there are a number of "napkin writers" who have left messages under the glass table tops.

The menu is posted on the wall above the cash register, along with some additional signs for the customer amusement.

And here we are with our lunch.... we shared this huge burger and a basket of 1/2 fries and 1/2 onion rings.  The food was outstanding as usual.

Just a bit outside of the café is the Old Tunnel State Park where the Mexican Bats live during the summer and fly out every evening to go in search of mosquitoes... should be a feast right now, judging by our back yard!  The website will tell you more, but here's a picture of the sign:
We have actually never been at the site for the "bat fly-out", but hear it is quite interesting.

On our way back, we stopped at one of the many fresh fruit stands along 290 to pick out some yummy vegetables and those Fredericksburg Peaches.
In addition to all the fresh foods, there are preserved pickles, peppers, and peaches along with jellies and jams.  Just one more reason to love the Texas Hill Country!

Some of my neighbor ladies and I are heading out for the small town of Wimberly, so will get you some photos of our shopping adventure!

Have a really special day!
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