Saturday, July 19, 2014

...How Does Your Garden Grow???

This morning I took some pictures of our beautiful back yard and the flowers that are growing there.  Many of my fellow bloggers have taken some lovely shots of flowers on walks or hikes with some very fine cameras, like maybe a Nikon with a fancy lens that my husband uses.  I just grabbed my cell phone and focused in on a few things to share with you.  The first is the cactus garden at the far end of the yard.  The cacti are actually having babies, as you might see in the photo.  These are usually about two feet away from the mother plant in any direction.  The flowering one is a Russian sage, not really a cactus, but needs little water and sandy soil.

This is the view on the North side of the yard.  There is Turk's cap on the far end next to the wall with the red blooms, the light blue flower is Plumbago,then red roses.  In front is the ever healthy lantana, which grows abundantly in the south.

The flowers along the South fence start with the blooming hostas on the far end.  The purple flowers are Verbena, then the Black-eyed susans.  The gardenia bush is not in bloom.  Next is the Mexican Petunia (purple flower), then the tiny white Mexican Petunia.  The huge red flowers are the dinner plate hibiscus.  We planted the tree last year, a Chinese Pistachio, and it has grown at least three feet this year.

Here's a better picture of the dinner plate hibiscus and the yellow bell esperanza.  A Mexican heather is in the foreground, and it has some lovely tiny purple flowers on it.

Behind the cactus garden is a new red crepe myrtle we planted last fall and the red roses.  The vine along the fence is a coral just keeps growing and trailing.  We cut it down to the ground every winter.

I have included my puppy Polly in photos before on the blog, but never have included Izzy.  Izzy is a yorkie/maltese mix (actually Isabella), and will be 12 years old this October.  She is really doing well, except for gaining some weight and not walking as well as she used to.  She has been a very fun and loving dog and tolerates her new roommate until she has had quite enough.

Have a wonderful day...

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