Saturday, July 5, 2014

Let's Enjoy a Parade!

I’d like to share with you the adventures of the Fredericksburg Parade for the 4th of July.  We managed to find a spot under a shade tree, and enjoyed a nice breeze as well. 

The parade runs East then West on Main Street so that no matter which side of the street you are on, you get a close up of the parade.  The first event was a fly-over of some Vietnam-era planes and an old WW II plane.  Then the actual parade started at 10:00.

Even the doggies get to come to the parade!

Being a very patriotic town, everyone stands for the color guard.

Cheers go up for the men in uniform.

The band from Fort Bragg entertained us.

These fellows are from the Nimitz National Museum of thePacific; check it out with the link, and be sure to visit if you are in the Hill Country

Love the bagpiper!

Grandma in her hot rod...

The Tea Party Float... lots of support for these folks in the crowd.

Have to have an old fire truck in a parade, no matter what part of the country you are from.

Not something you see in every parade, but this one had two of these fine fellows - Texas Longhorns!

This remarkable fellow had red glowing eyes and snorted smoke.

Very cute little float

Another Longhorn, this time from the University of Texas Exes.

Princesses from the Peach Festival in Stonewall, a town nearby.

Ah, the old cars

And the beautiful horses

Transportation to our wineries

The old farm tractors - we had these back in Illinois!

And bringing up the rear.....

We had a lovely time.  The parade lasted just about 45 minutes with lots of music.  
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