Thursday, July 10, 2014

Senior Photos

I mentioned a few days ago that my beautiful granddaughter, Kenze, is in Texas for a visit.  On a trip to Port Aransas and the beach, she rescued this sea turtle, which was washed up on some rocks with the waves.  

Her mom, my daughter Angel, decided that Jerry could take a senior picture and save her a bundle of money.  We used to always have to go to a standard photographer for a senior picture, but not so in today's world.  Parents are expected to send the kids to a photography studio and pay huge prices (some as high as $500) for the pictures that will go in the senior yearbook, local newspaper, family and friends, etc.  If we could get a good shot, then that would mean we could go to Shutterfly or maybe another photo website, like Snapfish and produce pictures to supply to family members and save a ton of money.  I've provided the links so you can take a look at what they have to offer.  I use these websites to produce albums from trips.

So we met up with the girls, camera all charged and ready, to go to some of Angel's favorite spots in Kerrville and Camp Verde. 

These are three of the special shots.

If you have a chance, how about a vote for which one to use?


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