Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Perfect Dawn??

Two Shoes Tuesdsay
This will be my first adventure into linking to another blog.  As I love to do some research, I decided to type in "perfect dawn" to get a start on this post, and maybe some inspiration.  I did find there are several book references to "Perfect Dawn" and "Waiting for Perfect Dawn", none of which is there time to read to get a feel for these.  There were also some absolutely beautiful pictures one could buy for a price. There is even a "Dawn Perfect" on Facebook.  I went to ClipArt to see if I could get an inspiration for these two words Josie has introduced.  Windows 8 really frustrates me, as it used to be so easy to get art work to put into your documents without paying through the nose or finding copyright infringement.  It's just a lot easier to use your own pictures. 

Then I had to send a note to Josie to find out how to accomplish this link, so she was very quick and helpful in getting me the instructions.  Thus her symbol at the top of the page.

Speaking of pictures, I have found a few that really do address the word "perfect", among some of the thousands my husband takes with his fancy Nikon camera. 

This is from Utah, where we went to my nephew's wedding and stayed at Sundance.

One of our favorite places in the states is at Camden, Maine, where he captured this lighthouse with the sailboat...such a restful scene.

This pictures is in near-perfect proportion, taken at Lucerne, Switzerland.

So that's the visual interpretation of perfect.

Now for "dawn".  We have a room-darkening shade in our bedroom.  We usually set our alarm for around 6:30 so we can let the dogs out and get our day started.  But in the summertime, the light begins to peak through the side of this shade at around six or a little before.  Therefore, dawn is anywhere between six and six-thirty, depending on whether your internal clock has turned on early or waited for the alarm.  As the summer winds down and fall approaches, the dawn will change with the season.  Eventually I'll have to get up in the dark, but this fall, I'll get to see the dawning of the sun at 6:30!

I found this definition:


   [dôn, dän]
  1. Dawn is defined as the first light of a new day or the beginning of something.
    1. An example of dawn is around 6am in September in California.
    2. An example of dawn is the beginning of the Computer Age.
  1. The definition of dawn is to begin to be understood, daylight or to appear.
    1. An example of dawn is finally getting what someone is talking about.
    2. An example of dawn is the sun appearing on the horizon.
Thanks, Josie, for giving us the opportunity to reflect on your words for a Tuesday!
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