Tuesday, July 15, 2014

To the PoPo we must go

When our granddaughter was here in Texas, we decided that all of our Texas family had to get together before she jumped back on a plane to home.  So a pretty central place to meet up was at one of our favorite restaurants, the PoPo.  Now the PoPo is a very unusual restaurant, so you need to click on the link above to see about the history of the place.  

To get to the PoPo driving North on I-10 from San Antonio, or South on I-10 from Comfort, Texas, one has to watch for the Welfare exit.  From Comfort, the exit is to the right, down a service road, left under the highway, then left on Welfare Road.  Seriously... Welfare Road.  Just along Welfare Road, and past Smittyville, the PoPo is on the right side of the road.  

This is the scene when you enter the front door. I apologize that it's a bit fuzzy, but you see all the plates!  (And of course the sign and the T-shirt).  There is a bar that is usually frequented by the locals on any given evening and our friend Albert is in charge.

In the dining room, there are so many plates, one immediately thinks of the poor schmuck who has to clean all these!  The tables are simply covered with white table cloths, with place mats that tell the story of the PoPo and the various owners through the years.  According to the place mat, there are some 2000+ plates adorning the walls of the entire restaurant.

This is just one of the more unique ones I found on the wall.

But finally, our reason for selecting this restaurant.....we love the fried chicken.  Now there are many other wonderful selections on the menu, almost too many to pick from!  We order the Large White Chicken to split a meal, which has two enormous breasts and two wings that have half a breast still attached. Each meal comes with two sides.  Jerry likes to take one of the breasts home for lunch the next day. MMMMM such delicious food.  The wait staff are very courteous and efficient.

If you are driving out of San Antonio headed north on Rt. 10, be sure to take the exit to Welfare.  You won't be disappointed.

Have a great day!


Revrunner said...

Ha! Welfare Road. :-) BTW, thanks for visiting my blog!

Lin Floyd said...

looks fun, except for the humidity in Texas...!

Wandering Wren said...

I laughed seeing all those plates - I have two on our wall, I will do a blog on them one day as one is Winston Churchill and Roosevelt in 1941, the other is the coronation of Edward V111 in 1937. My son knocked the last one off with his guitar a couple of years ago and smashed a corner, we couldn't cope with all those plates here, I'd be a nervous wreck!!!
Looked a great restaurant and a fun place for a family gathering.
Wren x

eViL pOp TaRt said...

It's worth a visit, just to see the plates!

Linda Kay Christensen said...

I remember when purchasing theme plates was a big deal, I have one of our little town church that my Mother bought many many years ago. And my husband collected some artist plates before there was Linda. ;-) We have several Gone with The Wind.

Cynthia said...

Same here--I'd visit just to see the plates. Fun place.

Linda Kay Christensen said...

The plates are amazing...so many colors and mementos. But the food is also amazing!

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