Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two Shoes - Stuck, Together

Two Shoes Tuesdsay

Stuck, Together
 The first thing that comes to my mind, is a little assignment I had this morning.  My sweet hubby helped me with some housework that involved dusting some shelves on which he has his collections of Walruses and various childhood toys.

This guy is about three inches long and has huge tusks.  Unfortunately one of the tusks broke off when it inadvertently dropped on the floor.  If you look really close you will see that there is still a crack on the one on the right from some splintered ceramic. But at least the tusk is stuck back in place on the face of the walrus.

This is actually one of my favorites.  It's very tiny and made of ivory.  The problem with this guy was that his base had come loose from the walrus, and it is now stuck back onto the walrus.

Together these two little collectibles have been returned to their place on the shelving among the 30 some other creatures.

Jerry and I can get the house cleaned in a pretty short time.  He doesn't mind helping me out with special projects, such as his shelves and some vacuuming.  We've stuck together now for almost 30 years, and have a good life. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday.  All of us bloggers will work together to address the challenges of the Two Shoes Tuesday.


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