Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Deer Encounter

I was looking through some pictures, and wanted to share this with you.  My younger brother, Dave, is a farmer in Illinois, and he raises corn and soybeans.  His soybean crop is raised for seed, and Dave has a semi with which to haul these seed beans to an elevator several miles from the farm.

As he was driving on a two-lane highway, a car passed him on the left and struck a deer. The deer flew up into the passenger side window of Dave's semi, sitting with him in the passenger seat.  

Dave said it sounded like a major explosion and he had some glass shards from the flying glass.  He managed to stop the truck to survey the damage and take some pictures.  Police arrived to assess the situation.  He asked if he could continue on to the elevator where he was taking the beans, and the officer couldn't see why that would be a problem.  They removed the deer, and Dave drove on the remaining 15 or so miles.  

Can you imagine the reaction of folks at the elevator when he pulled up with blood running down the side of his truck and the windshield broken on one side?  We are just happy that the animal wasn't thrown just a bit to the left.  It might have been much more disastrous.

Many people around the area have had a deer encounter, as they are very plentiful.  But none of the animals in Texas are as big as this guy in Illinois!  At the time, I think this picture traveled all over the world through Facebook and other spots on the web.

Have a great Monday, and watch out for those animals.

Linda Kay
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