Friday, August 15, 2014

A Stand or a Stand???

Thursday is a good day to be Pondering with the link up to BYG Adventures.  Thanks for hosting, Brenda!

In our town, we have a Farmer’s Market on Thursday afternoon beginning at 4 PM and ending at 7 PM.  In addition to all the vegetables the farmers bring into town to display in their stands, we have a wine company or two represented.  Usually one of our local musicians will be on hand to offer some music while you shop.  One of Jerry’s favorites is a local farm that offers goat cheese in a variety of flavored oils and, his favorite, some lamb salami.  I have to admit it really is delicious.  The hospital chef usually offers some special item, often a soup or stew, prepared in the hospital kitchen. Now that's a brave one!

Along the highway is a small barbeque stand, where there is often a “sold out” sign on the building early in the day.  I’ve never made it there with a hankering for barbeque when they have not been “sold out”.  I can only assume the food is great!

True to Texas, we always have a stand that is selling whole and chopped pecans.  And during June and July, even into August, the stands all along the highway are selling peaches, tomatoes and squash.  The bounty of food is amazing, and all of them appear to do well, as long as the peach crop is good. 

As we approach another year of political campaigning, it is important that we each take a stand for those we think will do the best job in serving our country.  We also need to take a stand to get in touch with our current politicians to express our views on events in the town, county, state, and government.

Think about where you stand on everything that is going on around you, and then take action.  It might be in volunteering for some worthy cause, or it might be to help out someone in need. 

Have a fabulous day, as you ponder where you stand.

Linda Kay
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