Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bad Hair Day

I wanted to share some pictures with you from our county fair critters.  Hope you get a chuckle from these.

Now I'm sure you know this is not hair, but feathers on these chickens.  Also note that it was very hot in the tent, so that's why their wings might be out a bit, and their beaks open. Any idea of what the breeds are?

Now these are a variety of sheep....imagine how hot these fellows were in the animal barn.  Ugh!  Not sure how they even see anything.

Now, just so I can participate in one of our many challenges for memes, I'll join A Southern Day Dreamer for Outdoor Wednesday with this picture.

This is a very old water well house and tank just a block off Main Street in Fredericksburg.  It sits behind a historical preserved Sunday House, so not likely to be destroyed.  It probably dates back into the 1800s.  A Sunday House is one used by the ranchers when they would come into town on a Saturday night and needed a place to stay for Sunday services.  There are a number of these in Fredericksburg, and all protected.

Have a good hair day!Outdoor-Wednesday-logo_thumb4
 Linda Kay
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