Friday, August 29, 2014

Birds at the Zoo

Happy Saturday, my friends!  Our recent visit to the San Antonio Zoo gave us some great shots of some beautiful birds.  I am not a bird expert, so hope I got all the names right.  Please let me know if there is a correction.

This first one is a wood duck.  I love the amazing colors on this duck, each line so distinct and perfect.  Lots of reflection in the water, right?

Swans are always so beautiful and graceful.  This one swam up close to the shore and was under a bridge reflection.

Another miracle of nature is this parrot with so many colors in the feathers.   We couldn't get him to turn our way for a front picture.

This Blue Parrot, however, wanted to pose for us.  Isn't this coloring beautiful?  The second one behind this one actually appears to be even a darker blue.  Not sure about the male/female thing on parrots.

Hope you enjoyed this colorful display for Eileen's Saturday Critters at Viewing Nature With Eileen.  Saturday's Critters

Linda Kay
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