Sunday, August 24, 2014

DIY Paint Project

Because I have nothing better to do, I decided it was time to work on my master bathroom.  All the rest of the house had had a face lift.  But I'm feeling kind of tight with spending money on having a professional do the work, so we can tackled this ourselves!  

The first challenge is wallpaper.  There are some holes from screws where we removed old cabinets, so those need repair.  The plan was to start with the toilet room because it's very small and pretty obscure.  The overlay of paper came off pretty easily, because it's 20 years old.  The next challenge was to soak down the paper that was still stuck to the wall in the hopes that it would peel off easily.  Well, it did peel off pretty easily, but along with it came the first layer of paper on the sheetrock.  By this point, I was already into the removal, so had to continue in the toilet area. A little sanding took off the rough edges, and I think it will paint okay.  I got some of that "orange peel" wall texture, and gave it a good dose, so it's ready to paint.

Can we paint over the wallpaper?  I called my contractor who did paint over wallpaper in the living room for advice.  He said to skim the seems with a bit of wallboard compound, then get some "123 Sealer" to go over the wallpaper.  Then I can use the orange peel wall texture, then a couple of coats of paint.  So that is in the works.

We had to take down the light bridge above the huge mirror over the vanity.  It is 42" high by 63" wide (the mirror).  We got the lights loose, and hubby got up on a ladder to get the wires unhooked while I held the light bridge up.  The connectors wouldn't come loose, my arms got tired, and I leaned the bridge against the mirror.  Guess what!  Put a scratch in the middle of the mirror.  What next?  (I tried to take a picture of the scratch for you.  Did you ever try to take a picture of a mirror??)

Having seen a blogger friend frame out a mirror, I came up with the brilliant idea of making two frames on the mirror to make it look like two mirrors and cover up the scratch.  We went to a frame shop, who wanted $580 for two frames.  Well I can make these, I thought!  So we went to the lumber supplier company, bought a miter saw box for $50, four 8' lengths of framing, some glue, and a gizmo that helps hold corners together when glued.  The frames are made for less than $100, all stained and ready to install.  We won't mount them until we get the painting done and then new light bridge in place.

We have the new flooring ordered (for an arm and a leg, but we can't do this ourselves), and they can't get it installed until late in September.  Guess that gives me more time to work on the painting project.  It is taking me many hours and for some reason I just don't have the stamina I used to, or the ability to go up and down the ladder to get the high walls.  Keeping the ibuprofen folks in business!

I'll keep you posted on the progress as the saga continues!

Linda Kay

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