Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fences and Cemeteries

It's Thursday, and time to link up with The Run A Round Ranch for fences.
In Fredericksburg we have two beautiful cemeteries, but maybe a bit different from some you might see with lots of grass.  The first of these is quite unusual to me.   On the Northeast corner of town an old German cemetery has an arching gateway.

Der Stadt Friedhof even is written up on Wikipedia! Check it out for some notables who are buried here.  This is interpreted as the City Cemetery.  A number of churches maintain the grounds.

The lower outside wall with stone posts is also constructed of stones.

The inside of the cemetery is a maze of stone frames around family plots (or individuals), also with short fences in some cases.

Some are black wrought iron, and some are white wrought iron.

If you enlarge the pictures, you can see in the background that this cemetery has a whole new section, but the practice of building frames around the plots continues.

Across town is the basically Catholic cemetery.  It also has the practice of building a frame around plots, but the fence on the outside is much less ornate.  It has small Celtic crosses on each of the tips on the fence.  Again, very little grass (hard to keep it growing in Texas).  

In both cemeteries, wandering through the tombstones gives you a sense of the history and the stories that are behind each of those monuments for people resting in peace.

Have a special Thursday.


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