Saturday, August 2, 2014

First Friday Art Walk

Last night in Fredericksburg was the First Friday Art Walk. There are a number of art shops in town, as you can see from the article in the Fredericksburg Standard.  Our friends Betty and Cloyd started out with us in the Larry Jackson Antiques and Art shop, where there are some really wonderful paintings, prints, art work, furniture and jewelry. 

One of our favorite shops is the Artisans at Rocky Hill.  We stopped at a few others along the way.  This picture at the left is a framed gemstone portrait.  All the pieces are put together to create a 3-D flower vase, surrounded by inlaid pieces of glass tile.  the picture doesn't do it justice.  Most of the shops furnished a glass of wine and some munchies while your browse.

This second picture is of a fabulous piece of ceramic, lined with jewels.  Great piece!

This artwork (note the blue ribbon for "best of show") is done by an artist who was on hand to describe to us his work over 20 years, with never an art class! 
It measures about 4' by 18".

Some of my blogger buddies like the unusual insects, so I thought I had to put up this sculpture of a dragonfly.

In true Texas style, a bejeweled skull.  Everyone should have one of these.

This is an inlay of wood on this clock.  The wood in the frame appears to be cherry or maybe walnut?  Not an expert on wood, but very pretty.

Now for just a bit of daughters are both out of town, and we were elected to keep the dogs.  One daughter has two, the other just one.  So with our two, we now have five dogs to come home to.  They really are doing pretty well.  All are cuddled up in various chairs near us in the family room.

Pretty hard to get all five to pose for the picture.  All are yorkie or yorkie maltese mix.  From left to right: Biff (male), our Izzy and Polly, Abby, and Sadie.  Biff is a bit outnumbered!
Have a lovely weekend. I'll be tending to the doggies, and celebrating my birthday on Sunday.
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