Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ghost Town Cemetery Fence

It's Thursday, and time to link up with Theresa at The Run A Around Ranch Report for Thursday's Fences.  I have some pictures from a miner's ghost town in Garnet, Montana, to share with you.  It's way up in the mountains, as this first picture shows.

As we were travelling up the mountain on a very winding and dusty road, we came upon the Sandpark Cemetery, where there were only these four tombstones in the background still standing, probably from the miners who were residents of the ghost town.

Some of the buildings still standing.

This picture is an indication of the prosperity that was once the town.

An ad for the One Stop Shopping.

The hotel and the dining room inside the hotel. Note the wallpaper still there.

The tree grew around this wagon wheel.

I guess when you live in less than ideal conditions, you don't mind sharing a toilet space with someone.  My daughter says that her desert assignment in the military during Desert Storm didn't offer much privacy either.

And my final pictures from on our way back from the mountain and a stop at the resort of Paws Up.

Thanks for hosting the fences, Theresa!

Linda Kay
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