Sunday, August 3, 2014

It's All in the Frame

Today I'm linking up with BYG Adventures for the pondering of the word "frame".  There are so many interpretations of this word in our language!  The thought that comes to my mind is the body structure of a person.  I love to sit where I can "people watch" to think about some of the folks who walk by.  And one of these thoughts is for the frame of the individual.  Some folks, of course are more robust, but their frame might actually support those extra pounds.  It's kind of all about the heritage of the individual.

For example, this fellow is probably very tall and "big boned", as my grandmother used to say.  He appears to be a gentleman of some stature in his career.  Perhaps he is a banker or a financial broker of some sort.  Unlike so many people in business these days, he takes pride in his appearance.  I wonder if he has a wife at home who helps him with shopping and selecting his clothes?

This young lady is probably a model, and most of the ladies in modeling have a fairly small frame, or even if their frame is larger, they are just plain meat and bones.  She is probably on a very limited diet of low sugar, and she probably eats very small portions to keep her figure in shape for those beautiful clothes (or outrageous outfits) she will model on the runway.  I think it must be a very hard life to have to be constantly aware of every ounce of food.  There is probably a lot of glamour to her life, however, and if she is successful she will be rewarded.

So I'll bet you are wondering about me and my frame?  Well, I come from some healthy German stock.  My bones are strong, but I'm not very broad shouldered.  The weight tends to gather at my lower extremities.  I'm thankful for being healthy.  I try to do 30 minutes a day walking or swimming, and we eat pretty conservatively.  We are in the practice of sharing meals and such, if we go out.  

What's your frame?  I think the challenge is to maintain your weight to fit your frame.  Thoughts?


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