Friday, August 22, 2014

Four Fill-Ins

It's late on Friday night, but I'm joining Feeling Beachie with my Friday Fill Ins.

Feeling Beachie


1.  Brussels Sprouts is my least favorite vegetable.   Well, maybe it's Okra.

2.  When I was a young girl on the farm and five miles from town, I thought all the "townies" were having all the fun.  They got to walk up to the soda shop after school for a Coke or an ice cream.

3.  My worst subject in High School was history.  It aws hard for me to get excited about information that was far away from my narrow teenager mind.  There were so many distractions: boys, girl fights, gossip - you remember?  Now I find history fascinating.  I've enjoyed traveling with my blogger friends to all sorts of historic sites, some of which I have also visited. 

4.  I write best when I have plenty of quiet and no distractions.  That time comes way too seldom in our busy lives. It seems I'm so easily distracted with nonsense things, so need to really discipline myself to set aside time that is non-negotiable.  Can we do it?

Thanks for hosting this!

Linda Kay

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