Thursday, August 7, 2014

Let's Have Some Fun!

In the downtown area of Missoula, Montana, food courts are set up on certain days under a large tent.  This area is complete with picnic tables and almost any type of food you might want to order from Asian to Buffalo burgers.  There is also ice cream and a huge selection of quaffs, including lemonade shake-ups.  

There is a stage set up for the daily live entertainment. Bleachers accommodate those who want to sit and enjoy the music, while munching on their particular find among the vendors.

Just a little way from the food court is the Clark Fork river, where a group of young men were attempting to surf the rapids of the water.  No one was able to stand up very long.  The story is that someone was killed there, hitting his head on a rock, so the wave bares his name.

On the other side of the food court is a carousel.  All of the animals on the carousel have been created and decorated by local artists.  How long has it been since you rode one of these?

The playground area was also constructed locally, and is a good time for little ones to enjoy the climbing and swinging.  

Nothing like a day in the park, when there is so much available for every generation!

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