Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Motorcycle Aftermath

The Survivor

Mark watched her as she drifted off to sleep once more, lying in her hospital bed.  The tubes and wires kept the monitors clicking in rhythm with her heart and her breath.

It was just to be a simple date, a chance to get acquainted for two people, young and adventurous.  They met at the local coffee shop and left there on his motorcycle.

The air was cool and she hugged him close as they felt the wind in their faces on the open road.  The driver of the car didn't see the motorcycle, as he pulled out into their path.

She was thrown through a fence and into a ditch beside the road.  He lay unconscious beside the car, his arm broken and twisted, his face bloody from the encounter.

The ambulance came to get them to bring them to the hospital.  He was quickly bandaged and his arm set, but she was more serious, her life hanging in a balance.

So now he waits and prays for her, watching for the signs of life and recovery.  And to his joy she opens her eyes only briefly and calls his name,  "Mark", before she again drifts into sleep to heal.

Be aware of motorcycles on the road and give them some space.  Sharing today with Josie 2 shoes for Two Shoes Tuesaday.  Thanks for hosting today's words of drift and date!

Two Shoes Tuesdsay
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