Sunday, August 10, 2014

Native American Dress and a Book to Read

My friend Joanie W. had recommended a book for me to read, so I downloaded One Thousand White Women before going on our trip to Montana.  In my time sitting at the airport, flying to Montana, and taking a few minutes in the evenings, I was able to finish the book.  It's a great read.  I recommend it.  It is about a Cheyenne chief's request to the US Government to trade their tribe with 1000 white women for 1000 horses, all with the idea that these women would help integrate the Cheyenne people into the white man's culture.  In the story the woman who is writing in her journals (fiction) describes her dress and especially her wedding dress.

Well, to my surprise, on our way toward Big Fork in Montana, we stopped at the Nine Pipes Museum, where we found a huge array of dresses of various tribes of Native Americans.  I'll upload these pictures for your enjoyment, but be sure to follow to the end for my challenge to you.

These were all taken through the glass windows.  Using your imagination, which of these beautiful dresses would you select?  Keep in mind the beading, the weaving, and additional decorations on each dress. 

If you read the book, this last picture will help you visualize the Cheyenne campground described by the storyteller.

So, I'm inspired by the folklore of the Native Americans.  Which dress would you pick for your wedding, were you a Cheyenne bride to be?  

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Have an enjoyable day sipping a cup or glass of tea, and reading something that fascinates and inspires you.

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