Monday, August 25, 2014

Questions, Questions

I would like to thank Michelle  at New Horizon Reviews for nominating my blog for a Liebster Award.  This is my first nomination, and I'll answer Michelle's questions below.

 (1) What made you start a blog? 
When I started looking into e-book publishing through Smashwords, I found that they recommended starting a blog to help get your name out.  I had done a blog twice before: once for a class reunion, and once for a trip we were on in the Mediterranean.  So at the end of May I jumped in with both feet (or hands? or eyes?) and started blogging. on a more regular basis.

(2) What is one tip you would offer a new blogger? 

Get everything set up and write up some ideas for posting on your blog.  Then ask lots of questions on Google to find out how things are done to make it more interesting.  Also other bloggers are wiling to help out.

(3) Where does your blogging inspiration come from? 

This is a really tough question.  I decided to write about adventures in retirement, including some fun.  Then I started getting into the memes that other bloggers are posting, and those are so much fun.  They are also a great way to get more blogs to follow.  Now I have more ideas than I have days in the week to post.

 (4) What do you like best about blogging? 
Without a doubt the best part of blogging is getting to know so many wonderful people sharing their experiences and pictures.  My world has grown exponentially since I started.

(5) Are you a morning person? Why/Why not?
Yes, I'm a morning person.  I get up every morning with my two dogs to take them out at 6:30.  And I pretty much bounce out of bed.  After a quick breakfast and a 30 minute walk, I'm ready to tackle the day, and it is still there for me.

(6) Who has the biggest influence on you? Why? 
My husband has the biggest influence on me, because he believes in me and all the crazy ideas I get.  He encourages me to be independent.  I also have three wonderful kids.

(7) What is your favorite book?
There are many, but the first one that comes to mind is "Heidi".  I've always loved the story and named my older daughter after Heidi of the Alps.

(8) What is the first book you remember reading?
Dick & Jane stories In grade school with  Puff and Spot.  I don't remember having a lot of children's books before school.

(9) How do you feel about print books versus e-books? 
Since I'm an online person, I do most of my reading through Nook or on the computer.  I have also published one book and soon will have another with e-books.  However, I am going to have printed copies of this one.  I have to admit that on occasion I like to feel a book in my hands.

(10) What is your favorite piece of furniture? Why?
My piano is definitely my favorite piece of furniture.  I took piano and organ lessons for many years and put in some time playing for my church.  Over the years I let it slide and lost my touch.  So with a small inheritance after my mother passed, I bought a baby grand and took piano lessons.  I play only for myself and an occasional friend.  My puppy howls whenever I start playing.

Thanks, Michelle.  This was fun. Everyone, check out Michelle's blog to see others who are nominated to answer questions for the Liebster Award.

Linda Kay


TexWisGirl said...

nice to get to know a bit more about you. :) bouncing out of bed - i wish! :)

eViL pOp TaRt said...

I enjoyed reading about you and what led you to blogging. I'm a motning person too; but only with my cup of coffee!

Lin Floyd said...

congratss, I've been blogging for almost 7 years now. use to blog daily now it's everyother way. I too am an author of 5 books-two are e-books. I've sold a few books through my blog but not many. E-books give you more publicity. I'm on kindle plus. Happy writing!

Cranberry Morning said...

Fun reading your answers! I always enjoy getting to know bloggers better through questions like these.

Michelle F said...

Thanks, Linda Kay! I enjoyed learning more about you.
I had completely forgotten about Dick & Jane stories.
I remember I enjoyed reading them.

Have a great day!

Amy at love made my home said...

It was great to read and find out more about you Linda, I had no idea that you had published a book! I see it now in your sidebar, I really must pay more attention! Congratulations on the award and publishing your book. xx

Anvilcloud said...

Your blog may change over time, and you may sometimes devote more time to it and less at other times. I once wrote a lot more as opposed to it becoming more of a grandkid and photo blog.

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