Friday, August 29, 2014

Quilts and Covers

My first inspiration for quilting was to use some of my collection of old hankies, crocheted on the edges by my dad's mother (Grandma D).  I shaped the hankies like butterflies and hand stitched them onto squares with a little embroidery for the antenna.  This one went to my older daughter as a keepsake or to use as a cover or hanging.

I did take a quilting class and made a quilt in that class to give to my younger daughter.  I don't have a picture of that one.  Then the biggest project was a king quilt for our bed.  Because of the cost of the materials and the professional quilt stitching, there is probably more money in this than if we had purchased two covers!  I have decided to stay with small baby quilts and spend more time writing,

But the most phenomenal quilt for me is the one that will be raffled off this weekend by the Vereins Quilt Guild here in Fredericksburg.  Several of us went to the international quilt show in Houston last year, where this quilt one a first place prize in the category of entry.  A number of the ladies in the guild contributed to the quilting in end product, and it was stitched with a long-arm machine.  I have my raffle tickets purchased, but the chances are so slim.  Everyone wants this quilt, and I understand it has been appraised quite high.  We also have a great quilt shop in town called One Quilt Place, where the fabrics and ideas abound.

Sharing today with BYG Adventures pondering the word "cover"!  Thanks for hosting!
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Linda Kay
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