Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Fall: Failure in The Market

 I wrote this little ditty in conjunction with Two Shoes Tuesday.  Just having a bit of fun, not posting for a poetry award!  ;-)

The view from his window
Was skyline and towers.
His day consisted of
Meetings for hours.

The clients all came
To his office for guidance
On investing their money,
To limit risk and chance.

He assured them how easy
New monies would yield,
If invested with him,
The top in his field.

But the world began turning,
With nothing the same.
Their investments were losses
And nothing had gain.

All turned against him,
Demanding their funds.
The company went under;
He had nowhere to run.

Now his clothes are all tattered
And his view is the street,
Where he sits with his guitar,
Begging something to eat.

The moral of this poem,
Though simple at best,
Your station in life
Can be put to the test.

Two Shoes Tuesdsay
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