Monday, August 11, 2014

Tuesday Grade Reminiscing

Joining with Two Shoes Tuesday  for a discussion of the word "grade".
Two Shoes Tuesdsay
The first picture I'll share with you is my report card from 7th grade (yeah, I actually still have this).  The grading for our junior high grades was an S+, S, S-, and U (unsatisfactory).  You will note that I have earned almost all S+'s, which of course pleased my parents, but I really enjoyed Mr. Graff's class.  Note that is except for PE...always a challenge for me, skinny and not very athletic.
 Seventh grade is a time of big change, especially for a girl, as many of you will share.  Mr. Graff was a burly guy with a heavy beard shadow and dark brown thick hair.  He had a paddle in his room that was drilled with holes in it.  He didn't hesitate to take a misbehaving boy out into the hall for a bit of a whack!  But I remember to this day the poem I had to memorize (at least the first stanza) for class.  Since I was absolutely terrified of getting up in from of the class, that might have something to do with why I remembered it this long.  It is "The Village Smithy" by Longfellow (first stanza).
Under the spreading chestnut tree
The village smithy stands.
The smith, a mighty man is he,
With large and sinewy hands;
And the muscles of his brawny arms
Are strong as iron bands.
Mr. Graff may have been the teacher who most contributed to my interest in poetry, writing, etc.  For math class in 7th, we had Mrs. Erickson, who shuffled when she walked and threw erasers at anyone not paying attention. 

This picture is of my confirmation in 8th grade (I'm on the left with the glasses).  We all looked so young and thought we knew everything.  After all we had Elvis (who was off to war) and we had those boys who dared to rebel and look like James Dean.  Some wore "duck tails" in their greased hair, and others, including the girls, liked to wear white blouses with the collars turned up.  Mrs. Erickson would refer to this behavior as the "Stewart Gang" as there was one fellow in the class with that last name, wore both the duck tail and the collar turned up (ala the Fonz).  He also wore a leather jacket.  Such a fun time to reminisce.  Thanks to Josie for the word to get my memories going!
Have a great day under the spreading chestnut tree (although this is in the fall).
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