Saturday, August 9, 2014

Who is the Plant??

After reviewing the dictionary for various interpretations of "plant", I'm joining in with BYG Adventures for this week's pondering.  This is fun.

After long discussions with her superiors, Carrie was granted a chance to be the plant in a gang of women suspected of extensive gossiping.  Her challenge was to find out who really bought the house across the street from the clubhouse.  There might be a possibility of ill-gotten gains from this purchase.

So on Monday Carrie joined in on the monthly coffee at 10 AM, and sat at a table near the door to the patio.  Following the others innocently to the table of treats, she selected a slice of banana bread, a piece of egg casserole, and some fruit.  Then she also filled a cup of coffee, trying to blend in with the others as much as possible.  Carrie would much rather have had tea, but didn't want to look suspicious.

Almost immediately after she sat back down at the table, the conversation turned to the "house across the street".

"What are they doing over there at the house?" asked Carol.

"That place was a mess inside and needed a lot of work.  The owner is replacing flooring, and I saw some fellows taking in new countertops the other day," remarked Ann.

Laura added, "The 'For Sale' sign is still up, but I heard it is sold!"

"Well who bought it, do we know?" Julie asked.  Carrie waited for the response, but tried to be unconcerned.

Carol commented, "I heard it was someone who had lived here in the community, but I don't know who it is."

Then Suzy, who is a board member, filled in the blanks, "It is sold but there is a special contingency."

All looked at each other puzzled.   Who could that be?  Do we already know them?  Is the contingency related to the work that is going on?  Who is paying for the work, the owner or the buyer?  Are they married or single?  No one seemed to have the answer to the puzzle. And  Suzy was obviously not going to share at the moment.  

So Carrie had to return to her supervisors that she would have to continue to keep her ears open and maybe attend the next coffee to get the scoop on who bought the house.

Such fun to live in an "over 55" community!


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