Monday, September 29, 2014

A Push for a Tuesday

It's Tuesday and Josie 2 Shoes has given us the words Push or Pull for Two Shoes Tuesday.  I'm sharing with you an excerpt from my mother's memoirs.  Last week I told you they had dated for six years and then were married for 61.

In Wilma's words:
"There were homecomings.  In fact, Delmar and I met when I was just 15, and he was 18 (just out of high school), at the Hartsburg (IL) Homecoming.  I went home from school with my friend, Evelyn, the next week and told her I would really like to date Delmar. We went to  the Emden (IL) Homecoming, where Delmar pulled up in his car, next to where Evelyn and I had stopped to talk to a friend.  He asked me if I would like to go for a ride.  I agreed (and note that I did not ask permission from my parents!), and we proceeded to take a drive out into the country, where we got stuck in a soft, muddy country road.  As an aside, when I got into the car, he reached across to pull my door closed and gave me a kiss. I was really surprised, but he was very handsome, and I liked him a lot!  He was dressed in a suit with a starched white shirt and tie. 

Delmar rocked the car and pushed, while I drove, and we got the car out, but he got his shoes muddy.  He suggested we go to his house near Delavan (IL), where he could clean his shoes, and he could show me his graduation gifts.  Graduation gifts included a knife and a billfold, but that’s all we can remember.  No doubt, there was an obvious distraction from “graduation gifts”.    He delivered me safely back to my parents, and I introduced him.  He then told me he would come to my house on Sunday evening, as he had other plans for Saturday night.  (He actually had another date, but didn’t cancel it.  He says he didn’t enjoy the date at all.)"

Isn't that just a hoot???  Now how many parents would let their 15 year old daughters go for a ride in the country with an 18 year old?  Mother also mentioned that in the 6 years they dated, he never came for her in less than a white shirt, tie and suit.  She also said that on that first date he offered her a cigarette, which she refused, so he said, "Then I don't smoke either", and threw the rest of the pack out the window.

Mother's memoirs are available on the right side of my blog:  "Flavors from the Past: Memoirs and Recipes of Wilma Weiland Diekhoff."  You can also find it on B & N and Amazon for just $2.99.  We worked on this together, reminiscing about her years on the farm, and sold over 700 copies of the book back in 2000-2002, but it is now only available in digital.  The biggest joy for me was for her to have a book signing at Barnes and Nobel in Peoria at 82.  She passed in 2003, leaving a big hole in my heart.  

Have a good day!

Linda Kay
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