Thursday, September 4, 2014

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Are you ready for a new challenge???

This is a new sharing spot I am introducing.  I love to write, and many of you, my blogger friends, share my interest in words.  I will post a note on each Monday of the week, so this is just an advance for next week.

Our topic for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom for September 10th is:  Tips on being a good grandparent.  To qualify for these tips you should be: a) a grandparent, b) a grandchild, c) or an observer of an example of good grandparenting skills.

Remember that we are looking for wisdom and wit.  So see if you can give an example of your wisdom and advice that also includes a bit of humor.  You can get full details here, on a separate page of my blog.

For this Friday, I am also joining Willy Nilly Friday 5 with Around Roanoke with the following observations from my road trip to Boerne.  Some of you have a picture in your mind of Texas as desert and heat, but the Hill Country is very different from that impression, as you will see.
Around Roanoke

1. But first, I wanted to share with you the pictures of the glass artistry on display at the Bear Moon Bakery in Boerne.  It's a great place for a yummy breakfast.

2.  This picture was taken from the top of one of the hills going south toward Boerne on Sisterdale Road.  Sisterdale is just a little town, but has lots of visitors on this beautiful drive.  
3.  This is my favorite view returning from Boerne on that same road.  Fredericksburg is in the valley below the hills.  
4.  This picture of the building, fence and oak tree are my entry for joining Two Shoes Tuesday with the Run A Around Ranch.  Note the gnarly cactus by the fence and the very dry ground. 

5.  Remember my painting project with the mirror frame ideas?  Well the painting is done, so we just have to wait on the floor people to get us on the schedule later this month.  Whew!  I'm not doing this again...too many muscle aches and pains.  Again, this was the only angle for taking the picture of the mirror.  There are two frames together to cover the big mirror....and the scratch in the middle.

Thanks for hosting Willy Nilly and Fences, ladies!

Linda Kay
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