Wednesday, September 3, 2014

At Last, The Book

What a great opportunity from BYG Adventures to ponder the word "book".  On Thursday of last week I received in the mail the author's preliminary copy of my book, Annie's Love.  I have given the okay to go to print and should have a shipment of my books in another week.  The book is also digital and already available on B & N, AuthorHouse, and Amazon for just $3.99. Lots of things are going through my mind right now about promoting the book and also getting the editing done on my second novel.  Be watching for an announcement of a contest for a signed copy of the book.  Here's the cover page for Annie's Love:

In 1916 my grandmother was given a series of five prints in a frame described as the five stages of love.  The first of these is Mother Love.  Annie in this story is a child of the late 60s, rebellious and independent.  She leaves college with a man she has fallen in love with, moving across the country from her family.  Many years later, her son, who has been adopted from the age of four, begins to search for her and her history, only to find that she died at the age of 25.  His search leads him to an adventure of discovery to find the story of Annie.  This is the original print:  I think the cover artist did a fabulous job of interpreting this print into a more modern appearance.  This print is "ghosted" on the back cover of the book.

I am so excited, and happy to get the characters out into print after probably 10 years of picking up the story, putting it down, pursuing publishing, etc.  Some of you who write know the frustration.  I'll have the printed book available soon, and there is a link on the sidebar of my blog.  

Thanks for the setup, Brenda!  ;-)

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Linda Kay
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