Thursday, September 11, 2014

Five Thoughts for a Friday

It's Friday already!  Where has the week gone??  I'm linking in to Around Roanoke for Willy Nilly Friday Five to share with you some of my thoughts.

1.  Here's a question for my lovely Japanese blogger friends.  At one of the art shops in town, an artist pointed this out to us as being a replica of how eggs might be purchased in Japan.  The artist had sculpted these "eggs" from rocks and wrapped them in some twigs with strong bindings.  Would one still be able to purchase eggs in Japan in this medium?

2.  You might all remember my bathroom project.  Since my last posting on this, the tile has been laid, and I added a butterfly above the towel bar on the right to finish out the wall.  I think I'm done with this, thank heaven!  Threw away the painting clothes and vowed to never tackle this kind of project again!

3.  From last Friday's Art Walk, a rock sculpture for wine bottles that I found really interesting.

.....And a duck carved into a piece of driftwood

....And a Horse Mask

#4.  After the Art Walk, we drove out to Luckenbach for a bit of dancing and saw this amazing rainbow in the distance.  By the way it really was too hot to be dancing, but there was an occasional breeze!

#5.  And a couple of questions for my fellow bloggers.  I've been having trouble with my reading list not showing up on my blogger dashboard occasionally, but still showing on the blog?  Also, why are some folks choosing to go to WordPress from Blogger?  Curious to see if someone can answer my questions?

Thanks for hosting, Tanya! 
Around Roanoke

Have a wonderful weekend.
Linda Kay

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