Sunday, September 14, 2014

Monday Mosaic and Writing for Wednesday

Just a reminder...........  Our topic for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom for September 17th is:  What is your experience with weight control; what works and what doesn't? Please share your thoughts on this subject with us on your blogsite.  Then you can link in on Wednesday.  You can't tell, with your advice, we might all be slim and trim by Christmas!  

Remember that we are looking for wisdom and wit.  So see if you can give an example of your wisdom that also includes a bit of humor.  You can find details on a separate page of my blog here.

For this wonderful Monday morning, I've created two mosaics to share with Lavender Cottage Gardening and Monday Mosaics.  There are still flowers growing in my back yard and on the porch, along with some green plants, one of which is very weird.  The wide leaved plan is a Night Blooming Cereus, but we haven't seen any blooms on it, even at night.  It's all floppy and has very strange leaves, but keeps growing like crazy!
Hubby took the pictures of the flowers and the bees that are busily working on getting the pollen.  The lower right flower is a passion flower, and often the blooms die before they open.  There is also a worm that really likes them.  So this bloom is really rare for us.

The trumpet flower is from a cross vine.  It is loaded with blooms in the early spring, then suddenly some will appear with their orange blooms in late summer, just not as many.  The vine is really invasive, so has to be cut back constantly.

Have a wonderful Monday!
Linda Kay
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