Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pondering the Cross

Today is a great opportunity to link in to BYG Adventures and join Brenda for Pondering.  The word for this week is "cross", and it gave me a great opportunity to visit a spot on my list for some time in Kerrville, TX, right along Hwy 10 going west from San Antonio.  At the top of a hill just outside Kerrville is "The Empty Cross" and "The Coming King's Sculpture Prayer Garden.  This is designed for Christians and contains a number of monuments created by sculptor artists for display, Max Greiner, David Broussard, and Beverly Paddleford.  I'm going to include several pictures here with brief descriptions.

This is the cross from a distance and a description of the size and meaning.

You will see along the walkways Bible verses in three languages.

These are three of the sculptures in the Garden, the last one being of Christ washing the feet of Simon Peter, one of the disciples.

Along one of the paths there are innumerable rocks with prayers, names, quotations and various Bible verses from people who have visited the site.

This picture is in the area where the next sculpture will stand, the returning Christ.

And finally a view from the top of the hill looking across the highway into Kerrville.

I've linked to the website for the organization and you can read more about how it got started and has been supported since its inception.  Very interesting story.  Being a Christian, it was very inspirational, very serene.  Even for those who are not Christian in beliefs, you would find this to be a spot for meditation.

Thanks for hosting Brenda!
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Linda Kay

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