Sunday, September 7, 2014

Reminder, Inspiration Monday

Just a reminder from my Friday Announcement.  Our topic for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom for September 10th is:  Tips on being a good grandparent. To qualify for these tips you should be: a) a grandparent, b) a grandchild, c) or an observer of an example of good grandparenting skills.  So in other words, everyone qualifies!

Remember that we are looking for wisdom and wit.  So see if you can give an example of your wisdom that also includes a bit of humor.  You can get full details here, a separate page of my blog.

But now for Inspiration Monday with Create With Joy.  I recently came across and article on Gregory the Great, so have included a link to some of the history surrounding this sixth century mayor of Rome.  According to my reading on Wed, 9/3 in the Portals of Prayer  , "Gregory was a philanthropist, educator, and inventory; an economical, charitable, and timekeeping wonder."

So in further searching, I found this quote: “It is better that scandals arise than the truth be suppressed.”  
I'm curious as to how you would interpret this quote from St. Gregory?  Have a wonderful Monday.
Linda Kay


Anvilcloud said...

I guess I interpret the quote as written. There are issues and abuses that must be brought into the light.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Give an example of calmness, serenity, and perspective to both your children and grandchildren. I am blessed with my grandmothers.

DeniseinVA said...

I am not a grandparent, yet :) but I look forward to that one day.

Grantham Lynn said...

Thanks for coming by my Blue Wedding post! It was fun to do. I would like to check out the grandparents day Wednesday. Did you know I have a Fall Linky Party going on. It runs through the end of September.
You can link any Fall themed post! I am following you now. I'll come by on Wednesday.
Have a good week,

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Linda, Thanks SO MUCH for coming to my blog... You are welcome to come back anytime --and I'll return to yours. Since hubby and I love to travel, I went to your travel page and checked it out.... I enjoy following people by email--but couldn't find that gadget on your blog. Maybe I just missed it somewhere.

My 5 grands are all teens (ages 16-20)---and unluckily, none of them live near us now... However, I am visiting a couple of my sons/families soon --so I'll get to see two of them.... YEAH!!!! All five of them are wonderful children (of course)... When I do see them, we love to take them hiking and searching for waterfalls, since hub and I love doing that...

Thanks again for visiting.

Jeanne said...

This is my take on the quote...the truth is always the best for everyone. The truth sets you free from worrying about someone finding out in the end.

Thanks for your visit and comment Linda Kay.

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