Friday, September 12, 2014

Saturday Big Critters

These are some photos of some of the BIG critters for Eileen's Saturday Critters.  Thanks for hosting, Eileen.  
Saturday's Critters

The first one is of the lovely rhinoceros.  Only God can see the beauty in this one!

The second picture is of the hippo.  Equally as lovely as the rhino.  Those little ears on that massive body are so funny.

The elephants are my favorite of the big creatures.  So amazing that these creatures are so massive and have such unusual features.  That trunk is really versatile.  He seems content to just drag around that tree stump.

Then there is the alligator.  These are really feared in the South where they lurk in hiding places along streams and edges of bogs and such.  Pretty ferocious.  This guy laid so still, we almost thought it was a fake!  And by the way, there is glass between him and the baby carriage.

Take some time to go to the zoo to observe these animals in their habitat.  And have a great Saturday.

Linda Kay
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