Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sunday Social Fall Roundup

My Sundays are usually pretty quiet, looking through all of the wonderful posts of blog buddies.  But for this week, I thought I'd post with Neely and Grantham Lynn and address the questions for the week.

1.  What is your favorite part of fall?  
In Texas, just getting a bit of cool down and some rain are a wonderful benefit of fall.  It's cool enough to dance in the evenings and the remaining flowers can take a breather from the hot sun.  It's also a time of celebration in Fredericksburg, as you can see from this website. September and October are beer and wine festival times.  There will be lots of people in the city, and lots of local volunteers working the festivals.  If I were back in Illinois, I'd be enjoying Fall Festivals and the turning of the trees.  Not so much in Texas!

This picture was taken in the mountains around Sundance in Utah in October of 2012.  These trees were still in color but are losing those beautiful leaves in preparation for winter.

2.  Anything special planned for fall?
Absolutely!  In mid October we are driving out to Chandler AZ to meet up with some friends from our time in Illinois to celebrate 65th birthdays.  My hubby is one of the celebrants.  We always have a fabulous time together, so are really looking forward to the trip.  For us it's a day and a half drive all the way across west Texas, New Mexico and into Arizona.  But it will be well worth it!  I'll be sharing some pictures of the trip.

3.  What is fall like in your area?  
I'll refer you back to #1 for this one.  But note these beautiful butterflies working on the Lantana in our back yard.  

4.  What is your favorite football team?  

Since neither hubby nor I attended college in Texas, we defer to the team my son-in-law and daughter (and Grandson) follow - Texas A & M.  The last couple of years have been exciting for A & M with Johnny Football, but now that he is gone, things are really going well for QB Hill and the defense has really come around.  Big score again on Saturday over SMU - 58-6!  Go Aggies!!!

5.  Do you decorate for fall?
I'm not a huge fan of changing the look of my home, but I do put out a few things to match the season.  I have a wreath on the front door and some sunflowers and a scarecrow.
Fireplace and Mantle

Dining Table

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Linda Kay

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