Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sunday Social Meme #1

This is my first time linking with Sunday Social, and thought it looks like fun.  Thanks to Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup for hosting!
#3. 5 Things you are doing before the year is over
#1.  I am currently working on editing my second novel.  A dear friend is reading for me to find errors that I can't see.  When you write, sometimes your head gets ahead of your fingers!  If I can get it pulled together, I'll publish for the holidays.
#2.  We have some serious trimming and weeding to do in your yard with vines and flowers.  Hubby is really working at it, but I need to take a break from blogging to get out there and help!
#3.  In October we are meeting up with some dear friends in Arizona for a 65th birthday celebration.  Several of our friends are turning 65 this year.  We also did this for the 60th birthdays.
#4.  With Annie's Love, my first novel in publication now, I need to spend some time promoting it and selling some copies.  This is a new venture for me, so I need to get on my big girl panties and jump in!
#5.  There are holidays ahead, so I need to get into baking and making, shopping and decorating.  I need to be better organized for the holidays.
Sunday Social
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