Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful Thursday


There are so many things to share with all of my friends on the blog, and being thankful is really on my mind.  On Sunday we discussed the healing of the Lepers in Luke 17: 11-19, where only one (the Samaritan) of those healed came back to Jesus to express his thankfulness.  I'm linking up with Container Chronicles for Ten Things of Thankful.

1.  The first thing that comes to mind is being thankful to be living in a country where I can practice my religious beliefs without persecution.

2.  Secondly, I thought about the gift of hearing.  I can listen to the birds singing, or hear the wonderful sound of my outdoor chimes as the wind rustles through them.

3.  Third, in addition to hearing, I have great eyesight (as long as I have my glasses on!).  I find that I need to be careful about straining my eyes with reading and blogging etc., as I get an after effect of blurring.  But I can certainly live with that.

4.  Continuing on with the sense, the sense of smell can be for an enjoyable aroma of some wonderful food cooking on the stove, or it can serve to be a warning of danger, such as smoke.  What a blessing this sense of smell is.

5.  And after we enjoy the aroma of food, we have the privilege of tasting the end results.  I'm a great lover of food and find that I really need to work at restricting my appetite to small portions of those foods I love.  My hubby and I religiously share meals at a restaurant, so neither of us eats too much.  And when I'm cooking, I try to make sure we have just enough to eat.  But I do so love having just a small bite of chocolate after a meal!  I also enjoy a great glass of Reisling.

6.  The fifth sense of touch is such a comforting sense.  I'm a bit of a hugger and a touchy-feel-y person.  If someone gives off a vibe of not wanting to be close, I'm respectful of that, but to me there is nothing greater than a big hug from a good friend.  And my hubby, what can I say.  He's a man who loves to give back rubs and foot rubs, so I'm keeping him!  I also have the best massage therapist, deep and relaxing.  I have a standing six-week appointment.

7.  When I read about areas of unrest in our country, I'm thankful for peace.  It seems that there is always unrest in some part of the world, and we all continue to pray that we will not be drawn into war within our own country.  It is sad enough to see our soldiers being sent off to foreign countries to make sure we remain safe here in the US.

8.  In total I have three very loving children with two spouses and one fiance and a grand total of 9 grandchildren.  Some of these are "steps", but we care for them all the same.  Only one of the 9 lives close to us, so he gets lots of attention at the age of seven.  My stepgranddaughter is in junior high, and the grandson is in high school.  My three granddaughters are in college or high school, and we keep in touch with Facebook and texting.   The rest are all grown and live on the East Coast.

9.  In October we are meeting up in Arizona with some long-time friends to celebrate some common birthdays.  This has been in the planning for about a year.  We all started out together as friends in Central Illinois many years ago, but we are practicing a five-year reunion to catch up and enjoy some old memories.  These are great friends to be thankful for.

10.  Although he certainly is not 10th on the list, my husband Jerry is a perfect match for my personality because he is patient, quiet, and like a rock to balance out my inspirations, my temporary melt-downs, and my highs.  We celebrate 30 years together in 2015!

I could definitely go on with much more, as I am truly blessed.  These are not in any particular order, but just random.  If you were to pick just one item from those listed, what would it be?  Please give me your thoughts on this Thursday.

Linda Kay  

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