Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Long Road Back #1

The Long Road Back, #1

Jack sat alone in his living room. It was Wednesday.  His wife of 25 years was missing.  The neighbors had all spent the day searching the woods and the fields around the town, looking for some sign of her.  She hadn't taken anything with her, and no one had seen her for several days.  There was no note, no sign of any forced entry into the house, no word to the kids about where she might be. 

He had come home from work on Tuesday, tired from a long day at the office.  Coleen was always there to greet him with a smile.  Dinner was almost always in the works.  Coleen would mix a drink for them, so they could relax a bit before she finished preparing the last items for the meal.  They would talk about her day with the volunteering or school events with the kids.  Then she would always be sympathetic to his own stories about stresses at the bank where he worked.  Their two children were out of the house now, away at college. They had plans to do some travelling when he could get away from work.  But on Tuesday she was gone.  There was no trace of her.  

The doorbell rang, and Jack went to answer it.  Two police officers were at the door, one dressed in uniform and one in a casual shirt and slacks.  They both displayed their badges. 

"Can we come in?" Sam Brody asked, as he stepped into the doorway. 

"Sure.  Do you have anything to report?" asked Jack. 

"Jack, we have investigated every angle of Coleen's disappearance.  There has been no call to indicate a kidnapping.  We have come here today to take you down to the police station for some additional questioning."  Sam looked around the room.  

"Is anyone here with you?"

"No, I'm by myself.  But what is all this about?"  Jack began to be a little concerned.

"It's just some routine questioning right now, Jack.  If you will just come with us?"  Sam remained a little illusive.

Jack went with the two officers to the police station, where they peppered him with questions about his whereabouts on the day of Coleen's disappearance.  They probed for some possibility of a relationship outside his marriage.  Jack was becoming more uneasy, realizing that he had become the target of their investigation.  He was tired.  What were they looking for?

"Jack, we are going to let you go home for now.  We'll be back in touch, so don't go anywhere, okay?"  Sam's voice become more threatening.  "Officer Jones will take you home."

Jack rode back to his house in silence.  What was he going to do to make sure that everyone realized his innocence.  And what about Coleen?  Had she deceived him somehow?  In addition to his concern for his wife and the frustration of not knowing where she was, he was now fearful of the days that lay ahead.

The story will continue next week.  Today I am joining in with Josie2Shoes for Two Shoes Tuesday.   The words for today are "target" and "deceived".   Thanks, Josie!

Two Shoes Tuesdsay
Linda Kay
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