Monday, September 8, 2014

The Long Road Back #2

The Long Road Back #2 - joining in with Two Shoes Tuesday.  Find the first post of this story, click here.  Today's words are fuzzy or favor.  

My story continues:

Jack fixed a pot of strong coffee.  He sat down at the kitchen table, realizing he was exhausted from the worry and no sleep.  He ran his fingers through his hair and yelled out loud, "Coleen, where are you?"

"Dad?" Trevor had come home from college to be with his dad.  "Any word about Mom?"  He looked tired and worried.

Jack rose from his chair to hug him.  "No word yet, Trevor.  I am so confused and afraid for her."

"Is there any clue as to where she might be?"

"The police were even questioning me today!"  Jack gestured dramatically.

"You?!  What is that about?"  Trevor was angry.

"The husband is always a possibility in a case like this, especially with no indication of a kidnapping.  No ransom call."  Jack sat back down in his chair.

"Oh, I see.  But it's kind of freaky."  Trevor poured a cup of coffee, dropping in some sugar, and stirring thoughtfully.  He sat down with Jack in silence.  They were both startled as the house phone rang.

"Hello?" Jack questioned, his heart racing.

"Jack, this is the police department.  We want to come over and set up a tap on your phone, in case you get a call concerning your wife."

"Okay," replied Jack.

"We will send an officer to be there with you for the next day or so."

Jack hung up the phone, hesitating briefly.  After relating the conversation to Trevor, and noting his son's state of mind, he said,  "Why don't you do me a big favor, and try to catch a bit of sleep?  I'll stay up to wait for the cops."

Trevor climbed the stairs to his old bedroom.  He felt tears well in his eyes, seeing that his mom had even saved his old fuzzy blanket that he had as a child.  Stretching out on the bed, he fell quickly to sleep.

Jack poured another cup of coffee and sat in the family room.  He was close to nodding off to sleep when his cell phone rang.

"This is Jack," he answered anxiously, thinking it might be Coleen.

"Are you alone?" the caller asked.

"Yes, at the moment.  Who is this?"  The voice sounded muffled and mysterious.

"Are you wanting to find your wife?"

"Do you now where she is?  Who are you?"  Jack began to panic

"She is safe, but we need to talk business.  I'm sure the cops will be watching you and the house, so listen carefully.  Go to the park near the school at 8 o'clock tonight and wait for my call on your cell."

The phone went dead.  The caller ID was blocked.  To be continued, next week.

What are you thinking?  Where is Coleen?  To be continued next week.
Linda Kay

Thanks for hosting, Josie.
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